When thinking about the physical, this has to do with money, physical possessions and your physical health.

When you are working with emotions and feelings, a good keyword (or mantra - something you say over and over to yourself) is "I feel".

When you wish to explore your Thoughts on a given issue, use the mantra "I think".

Your personal spiritual life in relation to any given issue can be explored by repeating over and over "my spiritual life".

The Throat chakra is the point of manifestation. In real magic, the trick is to make that first little bit manifest. If you can do that, the rest is easy - it just follows. It's sort of like being just a little bit pregnant. ;-). So, use the concept of 'the first step': Every journey starts with a single step. "What's the first step I have to take to manifest this solution?".

The solution, the vision, comes at the Brow chakra.

The innermost path is where you invoke your DOC - Deity Of Choice - to be with you on this.

No Chakra Note Colour Keywords Mantras
8   C'      
7 Crown B Violet God/dess or DOC DOC - your Deity Of Choice, God/dess
6 Third Eye/Brow A Indigo Vision the solution, the vision
5 Throat G Blue Manifestation 'the first step'
4 Heart F Green Personal Spiritual "my spiritual life"
3 Solar E Yellow Mental "I think"
2 Sacral D Orange Emotional "I feel"
1 Root C Red Physical money, physical possessions and physical health


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