Now that we have developed the Sevens Chart, we are ready to use the classical seven-circuit labyrinth in a conscious manner to solve real problems in our lives or to look at opportunities that come our way. Let's look at the Sevens Chart we have constructed once more:

No Chakra Note Colour Keywords Mantras
8   C'      
7 Crown B Violet God/dess or DOC DOC - your Deity Of Choice, God/dess
6 Third Eye/Brow A Indigo Vision the solution, the vision
5 Throat G Blue Manifestation 'the first step'
4 Heart F Green Personal Spiritual "my spiritual life"
3 Solar E Yellow Mental "I think"
2 Sacral D Orange Emotional "I feel"
1 Root C Red Physical money, physical possessions and physical health

The idea is to stand at the mouth of the labyrinth, take a few deep breaths and clearly state the issue that is up for you. For example: "I am married with no children. My wife has a good paying job here in St Louis, but I have just received a job offer in California which would almost triple my present salary. Should I take it?"

Start walking at a slow but deliberate pace - one that feels comfortable to you. Do not stop walking until you reach the goal. You begin on the third path, so your mantra is, "I Think". What do you think about moving to California? It might run something like this: "I think this is a very big opportunity for me. I think my wife will not want to leave her job. I think. I think... California has a beautiful climate. I think I would like it better there than here in St Louis". And so on until you reach the end of path # 3.

As you turn on to path #2, begin to examine how you feel about this potential move. "I Feel. I feel that my wife will not want to quit her job to move out there. We haven't been getting along very well, and she might decide to stay here in St Louis. That makes me sad, but I sure feel excited about this new job opportunity!"

Now on to the outermost path, #1. How would moving to California affect my wallet and my physical health? "Well, I would have lots more money! I would be able to get some of those things that I have always wanted but couldn't afford. They say that there are all kinds of opportunities for exercise out there, but St Louis also has good exercise possibilities." And so on until you reach...

Path #4. On the personal spiritual level, "My wife and I have not been on the same spiritual path for years. I go to church, but she doesn't like the minister at my church. Actually, he is beginning to get on my nerves as well...".

Path #7. "God/DOC be with me on this decision". That's about all the time you have on this, the shortest path! You now come to the critical turn, the one from path #7 to path #6.

It is at this point that you must, as they say, 'let go and let God/dess'. Your left, analytical/rational brain has had full sway up until this point. It has had the vast majority of the paths. Now it is time for your left brain to shut up and allow your intuition to come to the fore.

Path #6. The Vision. Your mind needs to go blank on that turn, and you need to pay attention to the first thing that comes up. In this case, let's say you hear a voice saying, "Don't go!". Do not say at this point, "I don't like that answer, give me another one!" You must train your intuition so that you will always initially go with the first answer.

Path #5. The first step. OK, if I'm going to stay here in St Louis, what is the first thing I have to do? "Switch churches to one that both you and your wife can feel OK about".

Goal #8 - The place of No-thing. Stay in the goal and be there with a blank mind. When Some-thing happens (say, you start thinking about your vision and the first step), it's time to go.

Path #5 - Without judgment, review the first step. "Join a new church".

Path #6 - See your vision/intuitive solution again. "Don't go!"

Path #7 - Thank your Deity Of Choice for being with you.

Path #4 - Now turn on your left brain again. This is where you get to judge the information you received on paths #5 and 6. So on this path, How will this effect your spiritual life? "That just might bring me and my wife together again. She's been talking about a church called Unity. Maybe we should try that".

Path #1 - On the physical level, "It would mean that I would not be making the money I would make out in California, but getting our spiritual lives together might well make a big difference in how my wife and I get along. Hmm...".

Path #2 - "I would feel badly about missing a chance to make more money, but I also feel that if we were getting along better, I would not even be tempted to take a job elsewhere".

Path #3 - "I think if we were getting along better, I wouldn't be pulled to try something new. I think this would be worth a try".


  In Out 8
3 I think… envision the first step 5
2 I feel… see the Vision 6
1 the physical Thank you God/dess 7
4 personal spiritual personal spiritual 4
7 God/dess the physical 1
6 the Vision I feel… 2
5 the first step I think… 3
8 Breathe Turn, give thanks & exit  


Cheat Sheet for using with Sig's problem-solving labyrinth walk.

You might want to DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS CHEAT SHEET separately
and have it in your hand as you walk the labyrinth.

At the mouth of the labyrinth, turn around and thank your DOC again for being with you. Then turn and walk away.

The labyrinth doesn't always work. By checking out the intuitively-received vision and the first step with your rational mind, you can come to a wholistic decision - it is worth a try.

You have looked at this problem/opportunity from a number of different perspectives/levels. In this case, the vision and the first step did check out on all levels, but if they don't, do not go with that solution. Try the labyrinth again later.

So now, give this process a try yourself. What is an issue that is up for you right now? Put your finger at the mouth of the labyrinth and state the issue.

It is always best to do this on a full-sized labyrinth and to walk it with your feet rather than with your finger. Initially, you will undoubtedly find this process a bit confusing, but I encourage you to muddle through.

Muddling requires a focusing of intent, and a stick-to-it-iveness to get the job done. You might well need to muddle through when you build your first big labyrinth as well!

I trust these Labyrinth pages will enable you to build and use a labyrinth as a problem-solving device. There's more information on the use of these amazing magical tools in Sig's book, Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses.

If you have any questions or if you encounter any difficulties, please contact Sig.

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