by Shakura Rei

We have to bear in mind that we are all debtors to the world
and that the world does not owe us anything.
It is a great privilege for all of us to be allowed to
do anything for the world. In helping the world,
we really help ourselves.
- Swami Vivekananda

Geopathic stress may be defined as developing bodily imbalance or illness, due to lines of harmful energies which radiate from the earth. Earth acupuncture is the process used to neutralize these fields.

Geopathic stress has been found to be the common factor in many serious and minor illnesses and psychological conditions, especially those conditions in which the immune system is severely compromised. Cardiovascular deficiency, attention deficit disorder, immune deficiency disorders, chronic fatigue, and cancer, are samples of chronic geopathic stress influence. Some lesser effects of influence are chronic body pains, headaches, sudden signs of physical aging, irritability, and restless sleep. It is also a common factor in cases of infertility and miscarriages, learning difficulties, behavioral problems and neurological disabilities in children.

Response to healing treatments tend to be slow or uneventful for patients who continue to be effected by harmful earth energies during periods of sleep or work, however when their home or work place is neutralized, the geopathic stress conditions resolve themselves and the body begins to heal.

There are four lines of geopathic energy which can be detected and neutralized: The Hartmann Grids and Geopathic Zones adversely effect the cellular structure of most living organisms. Interference Zones and Personal Zones effect one's emotions and objectives. Personal Zones may also affect one’s physical health.

Hartmann Grids were discovered in 1950 by a German medical doctor, Ernst Hartmann. The lines form a grid around the earth, running north to south and east to west, and extend to a height of 60 - 600 feet. The north-south lines appear approximately every 6 feet 6 inches and the east-west lines appear approximately every 8 feet 2 inches. According to Dr. Hartmann, the worst place that a person can sleep or work is over a Hartmann knot, where two Hartmann lines cross, as harmful radiation is intensified at this juncture.

Geopathic Zones have a range of influence from 2 to 200 feet, and reach a height of 600 to 30,000 feet. Their direction is random and may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. When natural energies radiate through the earth, their wavelength is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields emanating from subterranean running water, mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. These distorted fields are harmful to most living organisms, and produce the geopathic zones. It is not uncommon to find them parallel to, or imposed upon the Hartmann Grids. Geopathic zones can also be man made. These would include electromagnetic fields which emanate from such structures as high tension, or satellite towers, electrical street poles, or fuse boxes.

Personal Zones are also random in direction, with a variable range of influence and height. These zones produce energies that uniquely effect an individual on a personal level. Simply stated, they produce an energy that grates on the energy of any given person, producing a chronic subtly annoying and irritating effect. Animals are also affected by these zones.

Interference Lines, as with Personal Zones, are random in direction, with a variable range of influence and height, and produce an energy which interferes with one's personal goals. Interference lines were only discovered several months ago, and I can attest to the power of their negative influence, and the quick and incredible positive changes that occurred when they were neutralized. I strongly recommend that one's house be checked for Interference lines if one has a home-based business which seems to be hindered in some way, or feels that "something" is blocking one's goals. I personally had 10 interference lines running through my house. The day after neutralizing them clients and money began pouring in; I was truly astounded, as there was a definite shift that occurred, and continues to this day. Office buildings should also be neutralized to increase production and cash flow.

Neutralization of all geopathic lines is first accomplished by discovering the lines through dowsing. After finding the direction of flow and center of the line, we bury copper wire perpendicular to its center. This blocks the line, causing the energies to dome over the structure being neutralized.

The effect from Hartmann and geopathic lines can literally be seen in the atmosphere, as they tend to produce a gray, dull appearing sky, typically seen in many parts of the Midwestern U.S. When these lines are blocked and dome, the atmosphere is suddenly relieved of these energies and a beautiful blue sky appears directly over the structure.

There is another method of neutralizing geopathic lines using a more co-creative method with nature. We do this by assisting Nature’s devas and elementals – nature spirits – to clear the atmosphere themselves.

When we bury copper rods over a geopathic zone, we are basically using hardware – a third dimensional tool. This method works well and is excellent for those who need to see or do something physical before they can comfortably believe in an intended effect, especially if that effect is objective. It also works well for clearing small areas, such as under a house or a small plot of land. There are certain drawbacks to this method however, particularly when one considers the great masses of land that are in need of clearing. Also be aware that not only land, but all bodies of water, including the oceans and rivers, have geopathic zones coursing through them. These are beyond our ability to neutralize through the technique of burying rods.

To better explain the manner in which we can work with nature spirits to neutralize these zones, let me briefly explain the nature of devas and elementals. Elementals are the creators of form, or the "form builders." As an example, consider the process that occurs when a seed sprouts, grows and becomes a Ponderosa Pine tree. Consider the difference in appearance between a small seed from a pine cone, and the end result of that seed -- a towering adult tree. The elementals are the intelligent sparks of consciousness who worked with the energy of the seed, eventually forming it into a tree. All living things take their form through the activities of an elemental, and not all elementals are part of the plant kingdom. There are elementals of the air, water, fire and various other life forms as well.

A deva is an intelligent energy that works in conjunction with the elementals, but more in a overseeing capacity. The devas do not create form, but are responsible for the activities of the form builders. Where an elemental may have responsibility over a pine seed, the overseeing deva may have responsibility for the entire Pine forest.

With this understanding, we can see the great ability and knowledge that nature spirits possess of their given environment. We also know that they can literally "build into" that environment certain elements or qualities. Therefore, if humans were aware of an element that would be helpful to the environment, and discussed it with the devas who agreed and chose to "build" it into their environment, then we would be working co-creatively with Nature towards the healing of this Earth. And that is exactly what we have done when we neutralize geopathic lines with the help of the devas and elementals.

Two individuals, Slim Spurling and Bob Dratch combined their efforts and produced an audio tape called "Swept Clear." This tape contains holoforms of pure water, and emanates sound frequencies which are used to free stuck patterns. When played through Slim Spurling’s Harmonizer we have seen tremendous results in air pollution reduction in various cities. It was suggested that the frequencies produced by the holoform tape literally alter the structure of pollutants, and could neutralize emanations from geopathic zones. If this was true, then integrating the tape’s frequency into the environment should produce a continuous reduction in air pollutants and an elimination of geopathic emanations.

To test this theory I did an experiment. I went to a local lake and dowsed seventeen feet along its shore. I was looking for Hartmann and geopathic lines, lines interfering in the welfare of the inhabitants of the lake, and personal zones for the inhabitants of the lake. I found 12 lines. Next I spoke to the devas and elementals, played them the tape, and asked them their opinion. Their response was very positive. Five minutes after our discussion I again dowsed in front of the lake, but this time there was not one geopathic line! They told me that they would incorporate the frequency over the entire hundred-thirty-five acre park in which the lake resided, which was the domain of the Park Deva. To check, I drove to the other side of the park and dowsed – no lines. I drove to another location – no lines. I looked up to the sky and the clouds had parted, displaying blue sky over the entire circumference of the park. I was thrilled!

Later I spoke to the devas of the city in which I am currently residing. They knew what I had done at the lake and were waiting for me to invite them to take the frequency also. It was at this point that I asked about free will of the city’s human inhabitants. Did I need their permission to clear the city, or their private land within the city? The answer was simple: The land does not belong to the citizens who live upon it; the land belongs to Earth. I was reminded that humans were to be caretakers of the land, but as a species they have brought it to near ruin. Earth, as a living entity, must now do whatever she can to preserve and heal herself, as witnessed by the unleashing of so much extreme weather and climatic conditions.— one of the means by which she purifies herself. Just as Earth does not ask the residents of a neighborhood for permission before she runs a tornado through their house, She does not need their permission to clear the land beneath their feet, or the air above their heads. Also, clearing the environment with the devas is a co-creative endeavor. We do not tell the devas what to do, rather we ask them if they feel this frequency would behoove all, and if so would they please incorporate it into their environment. By working with the devas and elementals, we work co-creatively with Earth. It is Her decision to clear, or not to clear, the land under someone’s house.

To these devas, in the city in which I resided, I played the tape. They received it enthusiastically and spread it throughout the entire city. Afterwards I drove all over town dowsing, and did not find any geopathic emanations. This is exciting enough, but to add to the joy, this city repeatedly stands in a circle of blue sky, while dark clouds and pollutants surround it.

There have been major reductions in both pollutants and crime in cities where the deva and clearing work have been incorporated. The devas are very excited at the potential of clearing the deserts and oceans throughout the world, and desire this technique spread throughout other countries.

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