Innovative research by
Glenn Broughton & Steve Page.

When we met at the end of 1996, Steve had been involved in the crop circle phenomena for five years whilst Glenn had spent that time investigating Earth energies and sacred sites, particularly the Avebury area of southern England. Observing Glenn's work with maps and sacred sites Steve would enumerate all the crop circles that had occurred near to these sites over the years. Likewise, as new formations were reported Glenn would comment on the nearby ancient sites or dowsable energy currents in the area. This coming together of two minds from different perspectives but with common interests soon led to the question being asked -"Why do crop formations occur where they do?"

The first thing we noticed was the proximity of formations to the ancient Ridgeway track. There were a striking number of formations along the section from Avebury in Wiltshire to Royston in Hertfordshire but not a lot beyond that point. If this was a trackway between ancient sacred sites, could it be that the correlation was really with the sacred sites, or possibly even with underground currents of Earth energy?

Avebury and Winchester Cathedral

We were very familiar with Earth energy currents around Avebury and Winchester, the two main areas for crop circles. Avebury is halfway along the length of the Michael/Mary line and is at the centre of a huge landscape temple of sacred sites including Silbury Hill, Merlin's Mound, Morgan's Hill, the Sanctuary, West Kennet Long Barrow, Windmill Hill and Avebury Henge itself. The energy currents weave an intricate pattern around the landscape and leave one in no doubt as to the energetic importance of this area. An early commentator comparing Stonehenge to Avebury said it was like a parish church in comparison to a cathedral. Having lived in Avebury village himself, with the Michael energy current running through the back yard, Glenn can testify to the strength of the energy there. We, like many others, believe that this was, and still is, the energy centre of England.

Winchester Cathedral is built on the site of a former stone circle (which had satellites nearby) and straddles a main artery of Earth energy that arises close by in the totally spring-fed Meon valley. A visit to the crypts of the cathedral is a remarkable experience when one is actually able to stand directly in the flow of the very powerful energy current. Winchester stands close by several powerful energetic hilltops marked out for ceremony by our ancient forebears who knew the power in the Earth at this place. This was reflected by the importance attributed to the area by later cultures such as it being the centre of Roman Britain and it becoming the capital city of King Alfred's Britain.

However we were not satisfied that Earth energy or sacred sites were the causative factors for crop circles occurring in an area. Why, for example, are there no crop formations around Glastonbury? It undoubtedly has strong energy currents. It sits just 'downstream', energetically-speaking, from Avebury on the Michael/Mary currents. It has quite as intricate a web of energy patterning, if not more so, than Avebury and can boast the powerful Tor, Chalice Well and Abbey not to mention the landscape temple of the Glastonbury Zodiac spread out in the surrounding countryside of the Somerset Levels. And yet there are virtually never any formations in the vicinity.

As we worked through reports of previous years' formations and as we read more about the ancient trackways we noticed one word kept repeating over and over again- CHALK! The Ridgeway, the Icknield Way, the North and South Downs Ways are all chalk ridges. We knew that East Field was strewn with chalk rocks around its edges and many of the fields which have had several formations over the years have a white dusting in the winter months as the plough brings the chalk to the surface in the newly tilled fields. Could this be what we were looking for? The only way to find out was to plot all the formations for each year onto a geological map of Britain. This we did for the period 1993-1998(up to July 22nd to date). The results of our research are summarised in the tables below.

Fig 1 Fig 2

They basically show that an average of 71% of all UK crop formations each year occur on chalk or its neighbouring greensand, and if we just look at the area south of a line from the Wash to the Bristol Channel (85-90% of all formations are south of this line) the figure increases to 79%. For more detailed results of our research go to our website, Sacred Circle Research

Water IS The Key

These figures are remarkable by any standards. We had to ask the question, what is going on? Why are chalk or greensand attracting crop formations? The answer became apparent when we discovered that this area of chalk is the main aquifer of Southern England - water is the key! This realisation suddenly made sense of all the previous connections we had seen with the trackways, sacred sites and Earth energy currents.

All sacred sites across the world, to our knowledge, are located above underground water- every stone circle, pyramid, temple etc. It is also our contention that our ancestors who built these sites knew this very well and consciously utilised the associated energy. There is a well (now in the 'pool' room of the pub) at the centre of Avebury henge, seismic surveying has recently discovered a previously unknown well near the centre of Stonehenge, and underground water has even been detected in the desert underneath the Great Pyramid. Earth energy currents are also associated with underground water.

Rain falls on the chalk Downs and is soaked up like in a sponge. The water percolates through the porous chalk and through fissures to the impervious clay underlying it and then runs along the clay until it emerges on the surface as a spring. This springline is often in the sandy soils which adjoin the chalk.

Put very simply we are stating that there is probably always underground water present where crop formations occur.

We then replotted all the data for the period 1993-98 onto a Hydrogeological map of England to see how the formations correlated with the aquifers. Our results are shown in the charts below.

Fig 3 Fig 4

The figures this time were even more remarkable. 87% of all formations in England occurred above an aquifer, and this figure rose to nearly 93% for the area of Britain south of a line from the Bristol Channel to the Wash.

Again this isn't the sole cause determining where crop formations occur because there are places with underground aquifers which don't have formations.

Underground Water and the Earth Energies

It appears that a combination of underground water and Earth energy currents is what attracts or allows crop formations to occur in any particular location.

Why should this be so? The answer only becomes apparent when we think in terms of energy. "Pure water will not transmit an electric current...the greater the content of dissolved and suspended matter in the water the greater its capacity to carry an electric current." (see "Living Energies" by Callum Coates.) The water contained in the major aquifers of England are heavily-laden with minerals thus making them highly-conductive conduits for the energy currents coursing through the Earth. Electromagnetic energy, just like electricity, will rapidly make its way to the best conductor around. For example, the chalk Ridgeway attracts the powerful Michael/Mary energy currents between Avebury and Royston.

Furthermore, the chalk is alkaline and this is saturated with water. There is clay which contains a lot of flint (which is silicon or quartz) underlying the chalk and also a thin layer on the top ridges of the chalk Downs. This is acidic. We therefore have an alkaline solution sandwiched on either side by an acidic layer. This attracts and is then activated and 'charged up' by the powerful currents of energy flowing through the ground. This area is like a massive energised whiteboard upon which the Circlemakers are able to apply their 'programmes'. Another aspect which needs further investigation is the fact that water flowing through restrictive channels such as fissures spirals as it does so (look at your bath water disappearing down the drain) and as a consequence, vortexial energy becomes involved. This is an area we are researching further at the moment and which we consider is extremely important.

We would suggest that holy wells and healing waters were revered and used by our forebears because they worked. The waters were potentised by the Earth energy currents which they attracted. These were very localised points of Earth energy and underground water, not on a scale large enough to attract crop formations but displaying the same principles nonetheless.

The Energetic Properties of Flowing Water

We would recommend readers who are interested in the energetic properties of water to read about the work of Victor Schauberger. (see Living Energies by Callum Coates). We all know of the energetic properties of crystal. You wouldn't be able to read this on your computer without them because the silicon chips, which are the basis of all computers, are made from quartz crystal. Virtually our entire technology is based on using crystal. Research from several different sources is now showing that water also has a 'memory' capability, and it is even more powerful and versatile than crystal because it has the added advantage of fluidity or movement. Extending the computer analogy, quartz is to water like a single computer is to the Internet, the fluidity facilitates communication or exchange of information.

Fixing an Energetic Blueprint

Jacques Beneveniste, a French medical scientist made a remarkable discovery. He was scientifically testing homoeopathic remedies for the alleviation of allergy symptoms and discovered that these highly diluted remedies were effective. Then he did an experiment. He placed a small container of a toxin on top of a copper coil which was connected to another coil on top of which was a container of water. After passing an electric current through the coils he discovered that the water, which had never been in physical contact with the toxin, had the same effect on laboratory rats as the toxin itself. For his troubles in making what appears to us to be a fantastically important discovery he had his funding withdrawn and his lab was closed down as the establishment proceeded to destroy his reputation. We are pleased to say that he is continuing his work.

The important point here is that an energetic blueprint can be 'fixed' in water by the application of an electric current. When a crop formation occurs is it that current's energy blueprint, or some might say its 'message', fixed into the water present in the energised aquifer beneath? As the chalk Downs provide the water supply for much of southern England, is a third of the population of this country drinking the 'messages in the fields'? Possibly an even more staggering scenario is in action. If water is such a good conductor of energy/communicator of information, all underground water is connected to springs, streams, rivers, the seas and oceans, and back up rivers and streams on the other side of oceans to their water sources. This would mean that everyone in the world would be drinking the 'crop formations'! According to homoeopathic laws the greater the dilution the greater the potency and so the size of the oceans may act to amplify the potency of the formations energy pattern.

All of this really amounts to the need to look behind the physical appearance of reality to what is really happening energetically. Whatever is the motivation and cause of crop formations, whether it be Gaia speaking to us, an extraterrestrial consciousness, or even our collective human superconsciousness operating through our dreamtime, they are an energetic phenomenon which needs an energised plot of land with which to interact. We believe that the same applies to sacred sites. E.g. stones with certain energetic properties, mainly because of crystalline content, were placed where they were and in the patterns they were because of the energetics that were set up between the structure and the land at that particular point. Furthermore, this still happens today. Something happens to you when you visit a site, and this doesn't need to be a recognised sacred site or crop circle. And this is not a passive experience but is dependent upon your attitude and intent which after all can be expressed as emissions of energy from your 'aura'. The implications of this are truly Earth changing, it challenges us to take full responsibility for not only our actions but also our thoughts if we want to change the world. This discussion will be the topic of an article in the next issue of this MAG E-zine.

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