Eric Dowsett

When I first offered to contribute to the Mag E-zine Sig asked for something with an Australian flavour, antipodean I think he said. At first I was stumped, energy is energy wherever we may find it, whatever disguise it may be wearing. After a while though I decided to share some experiences with an energy unique to Australia, the Aboriginal. The Aboriginal culture has evolved on this continent over tens of thousands of years for the most part without external interference.

I never set out to explore the sites and pathways of these people when I began re-balancing and restoring harmony to the earth's energies but it has become an integral part of the work that I do. This work involves clearing and restoring balance and harmony to the external and internal environments where and to whatever degree required. As a direct result of my work I have encountered many areas of spiritual and social significance of the Australian Aboriginal.


This country is criss crossed with ley lines laid down or maintained by the Aborigines. I am never too sure which came first, the energy for the ley line or the desire to move from A to B regularly and frequently, thus creating a ley line. We have demonstrated in workshops our ability to create a ley line containing specific information which is later detectable by dowsing. The intensity and frequency of the energy that we put into creating the line give it a strength which will last as long as we support the line by feeding it with our intent. This is exactly what the local Aborigines have done. There are many lines set out across this vast country, some major, many minor.

On a small scale we can find narrow lines connecting a deceased person with the site of death, generally violent, and their spirit home. There are lines the people have used to tread for centuries as they travel the country in their search for food and water, an interesting approach to finding your way through the desert should you get lost. Moving up the scale there are lines known here in Australia as Song Lines. Many people may be familiar with the term Walkabout, when for reasons unknown to the white man, an Aboriginal would just take off for weeks on a personal journey which became known, for want of a better word, as a walkabout.

Song Lines

Through instruction, personal experience and, more recently, discussion with an Aboriginal elder, a guardian of sacred sites, I have been able to confirm a lot of my findings. These ley lines are called Song Lines because the person walking the line sings the line. Simply put, as the person walks the line they sing or chant a particular note. This has a dual purpose, as far as I understand it. Primarily the toning maintains the integrity of the line. Each line holds various pieces of information. The volume and type of information varies between lines. As the person walking the line resonates with the various frequencies held in the ley line they are able to download their own experiences into the line. They also receive information that has been stored in the line, placed there by many predecessors, Those of us who are clairvoyant can often see these aboriginals still walking the line. The keepers or guardians of the line will continue to walk it, maintaining the integrity of the line in spirit. This has proved disconcerting on more than one occasion as these energies move through a bedroom at various times of the night.

The Dowsing Sensation

I remember tuning into one line in particular, unfortunately I did not have the right access code or PIN number, the message I received was more experiential than vocal. I have noticed that as we, particularly dowsers, move into an energy field with an open mind we step into a field of information that we can, depending upon our sensitivities and clarity, read or feel that information. As I connected into this particular ley line, with an open mind, I firstly noticed an echoing inside my head, then a ringing noise in my ears. This sensation became quite intense. People away on my right would only have to whisper and I would hear them clearly yet anyone standing right next to me on my left would have to shout to make themselves heard. This began at 2.30 in the afternoon, at 3.30 I left the site and it was not until 10.30 that evening that the symptoms subsided. A powerful message indeed. Had I been indoctrinated into the culture and given the keepers permission, I may well have interpreted the information differently, we live and learn.

House Cleaning

There have been several occasions where I have been called in to check out the energy of a house where the owners have felt uncomfortable only to find a strong Aboriginal presence. Sometimes this is just a simple line used on a search for food, sometimes a site of a massacre or significant burial place. There have been areas of sacred initiation, corroborree - story telling - meeting places and birthing places. Sacred mens sites and sacred womens sites.

Each location has its own feel and contains information relating to the specific purpose each site was used for. These energy patterns can create havoc for the unsuspecting, generally white, inhabitant. There have been times where the Qi flow, or life force, has been blocked from certain areas so specific a purpose was the land used for any other use seems to run into multiple problems.

I worked for one client whose life seemed to be literally going down the drain, lack of energy, no social visitors, work prospects falling away, health levels fading. Before she had bought that house she had been drawn to the area on many occasions whilst horse riding. When that house came on the market it seemed the perfect opportunity to live in this area she had such an attraction to. After moving in the problems started.

When I looked for energy flow through the house I could not get a dowsing response, I tried to pick up the flow at various points on the land with no luck. I walked across the gateway, still no sign of a good Qi response. When we went back in time, to the previous owners I discovered a strong Qi flow cutting across the front of the property where the original gateway had been. It was not just the moving of the gateway that was causing the problems, there was something directly associated with my client, the new owner. When we began to dowse for possible reasons why the energy was blocked, my client told me that not too far away there was a site where local aboriginals had been gathered on a frequent basis, and driven to their deaths off the bluff. There are many areas like this in Australia, our predecessors had strange ideas about love and compassion.

I received, via the dowsing, a strong call to go to this place and work on clearing the pain and anger held in the site. After this clearing we returned to the house to check the Qi flow and, you guessed it, the energy was flowing freely through the gate and into the house. That client reported back an amazing turn-around in health, and work, her social life exploded a few days after the clearing to the point she was entertaining several guests at any one time. It seemed as though she had some connection with the earlier inhabitants, maybe she was responsible for some of their deaths, and that pattern needed to be healed.

There have been many cases where a project met with disaster after disaster with no obvious reason. I had been asked to work for a private, alternative, school and built up a strong rapport with many of the parents and teachers. There was another school right across the road from the school I had worked for and this other school had gone bankrupt, the buildings empty. My clients needed to expand quickly and considered buying the school across the road as a possible alternative to an expensive building programme.

Feng Shui

Initially I cautioned against this, as any practitioner of Feng Shui, Chinese geomancy, knows, a business that has gone bankrupt is not a good buy. The reasons for the bankruptcy are often embedded in the land or buildings, sometimes the energy of the land can contribute to the bankruptcy.

The school board decided, bankruptcy or not, this was the best solution to their problem. I suggested that I spend sometime on site and see what the problems were, if they did not work on clearing any disturbance they may find both schools suffering financial problems in the future. We already knew that there were problems. Whilst using these premises to run a workshop we had found an absence of Qi flow through the central area of the school. As each of the workshop participants tried to access this area they became over tired or uncomfortable and quickly moved away to recover. This area was the heart of the school, no wonder they had gone out of business.

When I returned to the site to work on clearing and harmonising the energies the Qi was still not moving into this central area. Through dowsing and meditation I learned that this site had been used as a meeting place for male elders and was a powerful energy spot. For a meeting place for elders it was perfect, for a school for children it was a disaster. Some of the school staff felt they could fix whatever problem existed and had put an energy field, presumably of white light, around the entire school. This had the effect of gift wrapping the disturbance but in no way had it cleared any energy of the meeting place. My intent when I work is not to evict long standing tenants, rather to seek a harmonious balance where all can live and work together. The oval shape around which the buildings had been constructed indicated the original builders of the school that went broke felt the energy of the land and must have thought it was a powerful place and so built their school on that very site. Had they, or any one who wants to build anything anywhere, got an energetic survey of the land before developing the land they may have been more successful. Many in our culture still have no awareness of the spirit of the land and develop wherever they can buy cheap and sell expensive, money is the motivation. Yet with awareness money can still be made, perhaps the shifting we are currently experiencing will help a greater awareness move throughout the community.

After having spent an exhausting day and a half on site the energy finally moved freely throughout the schools heart. another day and a half clearing minor disturbances from each of the buildings and the job was finished. Since then I have received a lot of feedback from various parents and teachers about how good the energy of the school now feels, no chance of bankruptcy for the new school.

This is but one example of the damage our lack of awareness can cause. Here in Australia we have only two hundred years of fear based cruelty, in Europe you have many centuries. I see this work, the work of restoring balance and harmony to our environment and the relationship we have with it, ourselves and others as very important at this time, for the dark clouds of ignorance need to be blown away through awareness to let the sun shine on all the children of planet earth. Keep up the good work energy dowsers wherever you are.

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