Spring Equinox 1998 MAG E-Zine

I think this a really exciting issue of our magazine. It feels as if dowsers are seeking ways to come to terms with Earth Energy terminology. Jim sullivan explores the many possibilities. Billy Gawn continues his mission of developing some basic earth energy terminology. Finally Joey Korn tells us about his mentor Walter Russell.



Downshoots and Powerspots and Rings Upon the Ground

by Jim Sullivan

Jim SullivanI got to know Jim Sullivan on the internet. We have been involved in an email discussion group on the Earth Energies. Jim trained as a geologist, and makes his living as an electrician/electronics technician. He's been dowsing since 1983 and his focus until now has been on working with the energy fields of plants and the various energy fields and pathways in the human body. Lately, his focus has expanded to include the energy fields of the Earth, and he has noted numerous correspondences between these fields and those that circulate in the human body. Jim also has a webpage.

A Penny For My Thoughts

by Billy Gawn

Billy GawnBilly Gawn is a fine Earth Energy dowser from Northern Ireland. I first met him through snail mail. He had written the American Society of Dowsers who passed his letter on to me. We ended up trading a number of nine page single-spaced typed letters about these energies and sacred sites. Billy now chairs the British Society of Dowsers' Earth Energy Group, and is involved in the creation of a booklet of Earth Energy dowsing terminology. Billy has also written another articlefor our MAG E-zine in which he discusses the primary water system.

Quest for the Blue Books: The Russell Connection to Dowsing

by Joey Korn

Joey KornI first met Joey Korn on the internet in an AOL Chat Room on dowsing in about 1993. Since then we have met at an ASD Conference and continued to find ways of corresponding in cyberspace. Joey has written a series of three articles in "MAG E-zine," all of which were adapted from his book, "Empowering Yourself and Working with Nature through Dowsing". The three articles together gave a comprehensive picture of this active dowser's recent findings. In this article, he writes about finding his teacher, Walter Russell, master sculptor, painter, musician, composer, equestrian, architect, scientist, philosopher, author, poet, and more. If you'd like to learn more about Joey's work, visit his Web site .