by Billy Gawn

I was not sure whether to give this article the above title or call it "The Chicken or the Egg". The reason for this will come apparent as I go on. Recently I was reading the discussion that is now taking place in the MAG Forum between Sig, Donni, Aura, Dennis, Tom, Ray and Patrick. The subject matter is mainly Earth Energies with a foray or two into swamps and transmitting towers. This along with a couple of hours lying awake in the middle of the night when my brain went on walkabout bringing to mind many things that I have observed through dowsing and read over the past few years has inspired me to sit down at the keyboard and write this article. When you have read it, it may be that you will wish that I had slept on.

First of all I will put you in the picture as to who or what I am and how I view the creation in which we live. I look at things mainly from a dowsers perspective but I have long taken Sig's advice in that we should also include logic in arriving at our conclusions and find a balance between the right and left sides of our brains. The little education that I received has made me curious and I spend a lot of my time finding out how and why things happen or work. My favourite question is "what if ?". I could be likened to the person when buying a new car, who instead of driving it, takes it apart and puts it together again. I believe that everything is the result of circumstance and that if circumstances change in the slightest then things we observe are different. Dowsers of earth energies are famous for finding different things at the same place and the same things at different places. This does not impress the scientist. Concerning intangible target dowsing, I would refer you to Sig's hypothesis number one, that unless we are taught by the same person we will get different results. I think that in the main this holds good but I also feel that we are not sufficiently aware of the particular set of circumstances that are prevailing at the moment when we dowse and the difference that a slight change can make.

Of Einstein and Earth Energy

Perhaps the thing that we remember most about Albert Einstein is his theory of relativity. (He was also a dowser! - Ed.) If it is possible to equate dowsing with anything to do with physics it would be this theory and if we can remember its importance in both dowsing and the "real" world then it may be easier for us to understand creation and all the radiation and energies that are emmitted from it. I think that both dowsers and scientists are in general agreement that all matter emits energy and creates what we call an energy field around it. Some of this can be sensed using either scientific equipment or dowsing. Another thing that I want to express my view on at this point is the difference between the terms "Earth Energy" and "Earth Energies". I believe that there is a distinct and important difference. As I said above, all matter, and hence all objects, emit energy. The earth as a whole is both matter and an object and therefore has a distinct energy field related to it. This energy should be called "Earth Energy".

Earth Energy versus Earth Energies

The earth is also two other things as well. It is the sum total of billions of smaller components each with their related energy field which with careful dowsing and the correct questions can be identified on, above or beneath the surface of the earth. Secondly the earth is only one of billions of other pieces of matter hurtling through space, i.e. the planets and stars and the other constellations that make up the whole of creation. All these other heavenly bodies also emit energy and again with careful dowsing the energy fields of some, if not all, can be identified as lines of force on the face of the earth. These two categories of energy I would describe as "Earth Energies".

Now that the scene has been set I want to look in more detail at some of my observations through dowsing. With any object set in reasonable isolation I find it possible to dowse and identify an area around it as an energy field that is unique to that object. When a second object is placed at a certain distance from the first object it can be observed that changes begin to occur in the shape and composition of both energy fields. As the second object is moves closer to the first object the changes in both energy fields become more pronounced. At a very precise distance apart the both energy fields become united into a single straight line which continues for a considerable distance. The distance is relative to the mass of the two objects. The larger the mass the longer the line. So already we see relativity coming into play on two counts. One is the distance apart and two is the combined mass over the length of the straight energy line that has been created.

Without going into precise detail I would like to define what I believe the composition of an energy field is. It is not like an encompassing fog with no form. It has structure and is comprised of many lines of energy. Some of these are straight in the way that energy leys are straight and others are sinuous and form spirals and rings, to quote Joey Korn and his recent articles . There can also be more exotic designs and most of the archetypal forms as seen in the early signs of civilisation all over the world can be found in the constructs of an energy field. Why are some lines straight and why are others curved etc.? That is what I want to address. The above paragraph describing the experiments with two objects gives a clue to what I believe to be the answer.


Let me now go to a penny and an egg. Let me take the egg first. I will list the measurements of three hen eggs that I took to illustrate the point that I want to get across. The measurements were, (A) the long axis, (B) the short axis and (C) the perimeter.


Egg 1

(A) = 59mm
(B) = 43mm
Tot = 102mm
(C) = 164mm

Egg 2

(A) = 61mm
(B) = 43mm
Tot = 104mm
(C) = 165mm

Egg 3

(A) = 62mm
(B) = 46mm
Tot = 108mm
(C) = 175mm

If we take the ratio of the sum of A and B, the long and short axis to the perimeter C we find the following:

Egg 1: 164/102 = 1.6078

Egg 2: 165/104 = 1.5866

Egg 3: 175/108 = 1.620

The mean being 1.6048. I am sure that I do not need to draw your attention to this and the ratio of Phi which is 1.618 etc, etc.

What has hen eggs got to do with energy fields ? I can hear you ask. This is where the penny comes in. The following measurements were taken of the primary energy field around a penny placed on a piece of card on the floor well away from other objects. The first thing to note is that although the penny is reasonably circular in shape that the energy field is not. I dowsed for the edge line of the field and marked this with a felt tip pen.

Energy field

The second thing to note is that energy fields are three dimensional so that half of the field is above the card and half is beneath the card. (A) = 970mm (B) = 665mm Tot = 1635mm (C) = 2556mm 1635mm x 1.618 = 2645mm. Phi !!! Another egg.

I would acknowledge the inaccuracies in the crude methods of measurement and drawing that I employed but I am not trying to prove that nature in the form of the hen egg or in the form of the energy egg is perfect at all times. What I want to do is to draw attention to the closeness that both these forms of nature have to the Golden Ratio. The penny whilst appearing circular if observed through a microscope would be far from precision made. The need for precision is something I will discuss later. I would suggest that it may be that if we were to dowse the energy field around a circular object that has been precision made that the conformation to the Golden Ratio would be even closer. What we also have to take into consideration is the effects upon any primary energy field by other energy fields that it is coming under the influence of. It would be totally impossible to get a neutral spot unless we create it in our mind and place the object that we are dowsing in that mind construct.

Of Lines and Spirals

I want to go back again to the two objects we talked about earlier and add a third. We now find that if the three objects are brought into alignment the three energy fields have the ability to create a single straight energy line without the distance apart being the critical factor. When they are slightly out of alignment then the energy line that is created is sinuous and will terminate in a spiral. It is interesting to note that when the three objects are placed to form a right-angle triangle with the base as 1.000 and the perpendicular side as 1.272 (the square root of phi) making the long side 1.618 the three energy fields combine to form a series of straight energy lines. A little bit off proper placement cause the lines to curve and spiral.

In these experiments I have used small objects for the sake of convenience but we must remember that they are large when we consider that they are comprised of millions of tiny parts called molecules, atoms, particles, electrons etc. and even smaller than that the quark. If we are consistent with our logical thinking then if all matter has an energy field around it, even the quark has one. Then consider the arrangements of quarks, particles. atoms and molecules that go to make up any piece of matter or object with their individual energy fields and how these interact dependant on their relative position one to the other. If my earlier statements are correct then this interaction will have created a multitude of energy lines and patterns, straight, curved with spirals and all the other more exotic patterns that we hear about from dowsers.

Then look upwards in size from the penny and realise that it is one small part of larger energy fields, right up to the energy field of the earth it's self. That is still a simple view because although all animal life, including humans, are scuttling about at a furious rate and the wind and the elements are gradually changing the landscape, thus changing the values of relativity on the earth and hence the structure of the earth's energy field. Things on earth could be looked on as being reasonably static compared to the effect caused by the earth, Moon and all the planets along with all the heavenly bodies in creation hurtling through space at an alarming rate. Admittedly there is some consistency in this movement as most of it is orbital in nature. Nevertheless the relative position of the earth to all other things external to the earth changes by the second and along with that the structure of the energy field of the earth and all the components of the earth right down to the quark again. The effect of lunar movement is something that dowsers have been aware of for some time and most energy lines have been seen to change in some degree in time with the lunar phases. Another factor that perhaps we are aware of, but tend to ignore, is the effect of the human mind - the thought process. I have said 'human', but it is possible the mind of animals as well as they have limited thought capabilities. And can we rule out completely the vegetable kingdom. We know that they can adapt to circumstances and new surroundings which is indicative of the ability to choose. This can not be done without a limited thought process. Thought behaves in the same way as an object with its own energy field which interacts with the energy fields around it, thus making changes. Most thought is thrown away carelessly like the way we throw away our rubbish. Other thoughts may be directed with intent and the results are therefore more predictable and if the intent is good then the results will be for good. So is it any wonder that different dowsers get different answers at different times and that there is a lack of consistency in dowsing results?

The other thing that I want to go back to is the shape of the object emitting the energy field. If the structure of the energy field is mainly the result of the relative position of molecules and atoms to each other in the mass of the object, then a slight change in the perimeter shape changes this relativity and thus the structure of the energy field. The atomic mass and number of matter becomes important, hence the need to chose the proper object for the intended purpose. If we consider objects made of crystalline material then the arrangement of atoms etc. are more regular and the resulting energy field should be more predictable. A crystal of greatest purity would then be most desirable.

It may be that some of you at lEast will see a subtle connection in all that I have said to ancient structures. Some sites that have been built in alignment, particular types of stone imported from great distance, the use of crystalline rock. All this would make a little sense if my dowsing and logic are in any way correct. Another aspect is how the energies found at a site are affected by the structure itself. This is where the chicken comes in. I would reiterate what Tom Graves was emphasising in his book "Needles of Stone Revisited" when he raised the chicken and egg question. It is wrong to assume that the energies that we find at a site were there before the structure was built. Some certainly were and the site was most likely chosen because it was a desirable and suitable place. However the structure will have created it's own energy field which in turn will be reacting with the natural energies that were there. We have a marriage of the two and it is a responsibility of dowsers to differentiate between what was there and what has been created.

In studying ancient sites and also churches and other sacred places of more recent origin I believe that we must also be careful about the chicken and egg syndrome when we dowse for other things as well. The one that I want to highlight is the presence of underground water. We are told by many dowsers that primary water exists under all ancient structures and beneath many churches even of recent origin. I am not saying or suggesting that that statement is untrue. What I would question is that in all cases the water was there before the structure was built. It is important when carrying out investigations that we have something to compare our findings with. In scientific circles this is called the norm. To establish what the norm is a great many experiments in a variety of circumstances must be carried out and those which are reasonably consistent are looked on as the norm. Therefore to establish a norm in dowsing we must dowse away from ancient sites in a variety of places to see what already exists and see what natural changes have been brought about. Over the last two years I have done a lot of this kind of dowsing and have come to the conclusion that not only can structures make changes to the existing energy field but may also be causing changes to the movement of underground water. Sig highlighted this possibility in his earlier reports on the labyrinth at Benton Castle in South Wales. My suspicions were raised when on one occasion I visited a hillside that was reasonably untouched. Over the years many boulders had found their way to resting places on the hillside. Dowsing showed me that under about 50% of them there were small Blind Springs and flows of water. My first reaction was that they had been deliberately placed there by man at some time in the past but on reflection it could be seen that this was not the case. This encouraged me to continue further and look at other natural and man made situations where ancient knowledge would not have in any circumstance been used. These included many naturally placed boulders, ordinance survey marker posts, stone pillars at gates, electric pylons and recently built houses. I found in all of these situations that beneath a large proportion of the objects or structures water could be found. About an equal proportion had not any evidence of water beneath. What would appear to be a possibility is that where there is underground water in the vicinity and the rock structure beneath the objects is fractured that something occurs and the water is attracted through the fissures beneath the object. Where there is not a presence of underground water near by or the rock structure is not fractured then no water is found underneath. What is that something? Could it be the changes wrought in the energy field by the presence of the object that in some subtle way changes the electrical potential of the earth at that point and the water can respond to it and flow in a new direction?

Finally a word about the swamp that Tom Graves equates Energy dowsing to. I agree that it is a dangerous topic but I feel that another way of Crossing the swamp rather than run like the hammers is to put down stepping stones one at a time, not too far apart, so that gradually we can tiptoe across. That is what I believe that we can do if we carefully observe so that we know what is the result of nature and what is the result of mankind. From what I have said above it could also be likened to treading on eggs but if we do that on energy eggs without scrambling them we may in time learn something.

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