Summer Solstice 1999

This is an interesting mix of hot stuff for the Summer Solstice! Dudley Wheeler writes about the work of A.P.Tabraham in the Isles of Scilly in the seventies and early eighties. He shows that thought forms can raise the temperature of the soil and enhance the growth of flowers! Dudley presents graphical evidence showing the effect of this kind of dowsing. Then, I offer a review of, if true, what I would call one of the hottest books of the millennium, "The Jesus Mysteries" by Tim Freke and Peter Gandy. Putting together mythology, history, the Bible, the Nag Hammadei Documents and other bits from Church history, the authors come up with the hypothesis that Christ did not exist in the flesh! There are interesting implications for geomancers here. Patrick MacManaway, my intrepid partner on MAG writes a delightful story of a geomancer's day off whilst also talking about the importance of stress relief in the geomancer's work.

I am taking my first sabbatical from cyberspace in five years. It turns out that this summer, I will be spending great amounts of time on the road - lots of that in farmers' fields on both sides of the Atlantic. Patrick and I are teaching several camps together. (Perhaps you might be interested in attending a Geomancy Camp during the August Solar Eclipse in Cornwall, England.) Oh yes. I'm getting married during this time as well! So I'll return to cyberspace at the beginning of September.

An implication of this sabbatical is that I will be skipping the Autumn Equinox Issue of this MAG E-zine : ( But our MAG E-zine will be back at the Winter Solstice.)

May this Summer Solstice bring you the awareness and energy you need to fire on with your work!



Dowsing Zones Get Hotter!
by D. H. Wheeler

Dudley Wheeler

Dudley Wheeler came to dowsing after retiring as a Marketing Manager in a chemical company. One of the aims of his experimentation and writing has been to try and intrigue scientists that dowsing is something to be marveled at and should be studied for the new insights it can bring about. I first met Dudley on the net, but have since dowsed with him in Avebury. The heating effect on bulb germination and growth in the Scilly Islands is a fascinating subject. I am pleased he is sharing this article with us.

The Jesus Mysteries" - A Review
The Jesus Mysteries: Was the 'Original Jesus' a Pagan God?
by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

reviewed by
Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren is the webmaster of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy, and is also an author, teacher and active in his community in Glastonbury, England. His spiritual path has taken him through many different World Religions from Hinduism and the Native American path to Celtic and Indo-European Mythology to Biblical studies. It is this background that drew him like a magnet to "The Jesus Mysteries" by Tim Freke and Peter Gandy. Using document sources, many of which Sig has read in the last twenty years, the authors build a case for the possibility that Christ was not actually here in the flesh! For the reviewer, this possibility has interesting implications for geomancers - not to mention numerous other people who think of themselves as Christians! It also includes a short comment by one of the authors, Peter Gandy.

Relaxing into Landscape - A Study of Intimacy and Pain
by Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway is a geomancer with a background in healing and holism and a degree in conventional medicine. He describes himself in this article as, "...a jobbing geomancer both in Scotland and New England . It is a delightfully varied practice working with places very large and very small, domestic and commercial, public and private, pre-design and post-build. I work with labyrinths, healing sanctuaries, shops and schools, estates and gardens, energy mapping and balancing in buildings sick and sound, and in homes both happy and sad. Patrick is a partner in the development of the Mid-Atlantic Geomancy web site.