by D.H.Wheeler

There is research evidence that dowsing zones, an area whose perimeter is defined by dowsable energy, attract heat and can become permanently hotter than their surroundings, only a few inches away. The temperature difference is around 2-4° F. This is significant and the zone can involve a large area of land. It has been used to promote the earlier growth of bulbs and help protect them from the cold. Other potential applications will come to mind and if the temperature results can be more widely substantiated, the effect of the zone would seem to herald a revolutionary discovery that will confound science and attract interest in the subtle energies involved in the dowsing phenomenon .

The Original Research Work

The research information has been extracted from the very informative private publication entitled "Solar Energy and Dowsing" by A.P. Tabraham, Isles of Scilly 1982. Tabraham was an enthusiastic horticultural researcher who was intrigued by the early flowering of the narcissus, Soleil D’Or. He took careful daily measurements of ground temperatures over a three year period. His conclusions are therefore based upon extensive data, not just an isolated occurrence, and this is why I consider his results deserve serious consideration.


The impetus for the research work came from the realisation that ground that had been burnt over by a layer of straw around mid-summer’s day each year, remained warmer throughout the whole year. This induced the earlier flowering (approximately 6 weeks) of bulbs, like narcissi. The ground caused a dowsing reaction from L-shaped rods and this observation initiated the search for another means of creating a dowsing zone over the ground without the need for burning straw.

Fig 1 Fig 2
Fig 1 Fig 2

Fig 1 shows the max day temperatures (three inches down) for burnt-over ground and ordinary ground for each day of 1979. Fig 2 shows the additional warming more explicitly.

Pentagon Shape

The best method established for creating a dowsing zone over a wide area was simply to walk around and mark out a pentagon shape. This did not have to be a regular pentagon, but the important thing was to mark each of the 5 corners and to make certain of exactly re-touching the original starting point. The marking could be done with wooden stakes or just touching the ground with a finger. It was not necessary to have any real physical line marking out the whole pentagon.

Reapplying the pentagon increased the effectiveness of the dowsing zone. Over ground, the highest temperatures were obtained by re-applying at 14 day intervals. There was no noticeable improvement after the application of 4-5 pentagons. Extraneous litter and other objects were removed from the dowsing zone for the most favourable results. Application was best performed on bright, sunny days and redone every 6 months. A particularly favourable time was near the longest day of the year ie. late June.

Fig 3 Fig 4
Fig 3 Fig 4

Fig 3 shows the max day temperatures ( three inches down) for pentagoned ground and ordinary ground for each day of 1980. Fig 4 shows the additional warming more explicitly.

Effect of Iron

Beware the effect of iron. Do not use iron implements to disturb the soil after bulbs have been planted and the pentagon marked out. Iron seems to absorb and remove the dowsing zone, together with the warming effect. If a field is traversed by a tractor with an iron plough or ridger, then the whole field reverts to normal. Similarly, do not use iron posts or angle iron to mark out the corners of the pentagon as this will be detrimental to the dowsing zone for up to a 6 foot radius.

A metal frame placed over a dowsing zone containing freesias, absorbed the dowsing zone both from the ground and the freesias themselves, as demonstrated by their lack of response to dowsing rods. The dowsing effect was subsequently transmitted from the frame by galvanised metal wire to an iron pipe, which now reacted to the dowsing rods. The daily temperatures inside the iron tube were found to be 2-4° F higher than those inside an identical (unconnected) iron tube only a few inches away.

Fig 5 Fig 6
Fig 5 Fig 6

Fig 5 shows the max day temperatures inside the two adjacent iron pipes each day of March 1979. Fig 6 shows the additional warming more explicitly.

In addition to the increase in temperatures connected with dowsing zones mentioned above, Tabraham observed another example in his kitchen.

Transfer of Heat into a Dowsing Zone Involving a Microwave Oven

He noticed that the magnetron inside a microwave oven will give a dowsing reaction, even when it is unplugged. If a heat source (fire, hot ring, kettle etc) is left on, then a dowsing channel will be found to extend from the heat source to the magnetron. A thermometer placed on the microwave will register up to 6° C higher than another one placed nearby.

Things to Try Measuring for Yourself

  1. Heat transfer down a dowsing channel between a Microwave oven and a heat source
  2. Temperature of jars of water both inside and outside a dowsing zone e.g. a pentagon.
  3. Temperature of ground both inside and outside a 6 ft radius from an iron peg or post.
  4. Try other electromagnetic waves to see if any interference is minimised by a dowsing zone eg. a pentagon, and the electromagnetic waves are more ‘efficient’. For example, does a pentagon affect radio or TV reception? Try several pentagons.


If you do carry out any tests/experiments, I would be extremely grateful if you would let me know your results, either for or against. I feel that the research, if confirmed, is extremely valuable in demonstrating subtle energy effects that can be measured by scientists. It could have a profound effect upon their attitude towards unexplained phenomena like dowsing and give Mr A.P. Tabraham, the original researcher, the credit he deserves for an amazing discovery.


A dowsing colleague of mine in Dorset has written to confirm that three pentagon circuits around his house raised the temperature about 2° F. A friend of his treated part of her lawn and one frosty morning no frost appeared inside the treated area, although the outside was white with frost.

A final comment. I believe it is important in this work to have the intent that the pentagon dowsing zone should get hotter. Please try it yourself.

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