Welcome to the Spring Equinox edition of our MAG E-zine!

In our Winter Solstice Issue, we asked our geomantic writers to look into their crystal balls and to talk about the future of geomancy. In this issue, we have asked our writers to look at the now. We have come a long way (baby) since I first got in to this material in the late sixties and early seventies. Where are we today? We have some very interesting thinkers with us in this issue. Chuck Pettis and his son Bre, are geomancers out on the West Coast of the US. Peter Champoux is doing innovative work in New England. Billy Gawn comes from Northern Ireland, and I'm Mid-Atlantic, I live in Glastonbury, but also have a home in Vermont. So there is a view of geomancy today from a number of different angles, yet there is an interesting similarity that clearly ties these view together.

It has to do with establishing a special/new/different relationship with the Earth. We, as humans, seem to have forgotten some valuable bits of reality in our mad dash into out left-brained, rational, analytical world we now live in. Geomancy is one way to recover this information that is critical to our health and survival.



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