Will We Be Our Own Slave
Our Own Master In the New Millennium?

by Billy Gawn

The theme of the articles in the Winter Solstice 1999 MAG E-Zine was a forward look into the new millennium and the part that geomancy would have in the development of peoples perspective on life and their understanding of creation as a whole. How we bring together the spiritual and the physical under the same mantle of understanding. At the moment it would appear that at the best the scientists and the leaders of religion are in the main standing with their backs to each other ignoring the others viewpoint. However in a few cases there is at least recognition that any one side does not hold all the answers. Those of us who can glimpse behind the curtain of the world of what we call reality, through dowsing, can see that both views are equally important and that singly they can not survive. The physical can not exist without the energetic or spiritual and vice-versa.

I also want to go back a few issues to an article by Sig on "Dowsing in Sacred Space — The New Realities" where he highlighted the different perspectives and findings that dowsers generally get when surveying the same location. This confusion amongst dowsers, although generally acceptable to them, does nothing to build confidence in those who have not as yet been initiated into the brotherhood or, to be politically correct, should I also say sisterhood as well. I agree completely that it is likely that dowsers will continue to have different experiences and different findings and that perhaps it is not important that they do find the same. But I think that it is important that we attempt to understand why things spiritual and energetic seem to be in the main unpredictable whilst those in the physical realm predictable. However it may not be as black and white as I have made it sound as present day physicists are at times puzzled at the unpredictable nature of some of the results that they are getting. It is now becoming clear to them that the mind can indeed influence the result. Can particles and subsequently matter be influenced by thought? This is now a burning and pertinent question.

As dowsers we know that this question has been around for some time on our side of the fence and it is generally accepted that the mind, at energetic levels of existence at least, can have great influence and can make changes of a significant nature. Many dowsers now go further than that and can provide anecdotal evidence that the mind can make changes on the physical and material level as well. Healing and diversion of underground water are two examples of this. However I feel that we must be careful in that we do not come to the conclusion that the mind is all-powerful and that the physical does not matter. Geomancy, like Feng Shui, is basically the art of placement in such a way that both material and spiritual things are brought into harmony. This recognises the influence of the one upon the other and equal importance for both. It has been with this approach that I have participated in dowsing as an aid to provide that harmony within our environment. I have studied in detail the result of what nature has done and what man intentionally and unintentionally is doing as he passes through on his journey of life.

What I want to do briefly is to highlight some of my findings that may be relevant to the discussion in hand. Nicholas Mann (Beyond 2001, Contact & Apollo 13: The Dynamics of Space Revisited) contends that the energies that we experience on earth extend to infinity. I quote.

"My experience of these states have persuaded me that what we call geomantic qualities or energies running through life on earth, extend into every dimension of existence. These dimensions include the smallest quantum realm and the vastness of space — even the mysteries of the first stages of creation of the universe."

This is indeed a view that I fully subscribe to and I will explain why I arrived at that conclusion. If we follow this thought through to it’s logical end then it has significant importance.

In looking at the effect on the dowsable energy field, and lines within that field, through the placement of objects I observed many things that were of interest and, I think, allows statements and projections to be made. One is that every piece of matter, large or small, has the ability in most circumstances to generate energy that is displayed in a field around it. It is this ability that produces what we refer to in dowsing terms as "Earth Energy". A dowsable field that envelops all the earth, something, I believe, that all dowsers agree upon. It is when we examine in detail this energy field that dowsers begin to disagree and find different things. The problem for us in our examination of the earth’s energy field is that the earth is so large and we are so small and we can only examine one small area at a time. We are much too close to our work; in other words we can not see the wood for the trees.

If we had the opportunity to go on an Apollo mission then perhaps we would have the proper perspective from which to see what was actually happening. Not having that advantage I took the other alternative and looked at the energy fields generated by small objects that we find all around us. Due to my interest in things megalithic I mainly used stones, not megaliths, but of a size that I could easily move around. To move them around is indeed important to understand what is happening at world level. We should always keep in mind when dowsing earth energies that the earth is far from stationary. It is whizzing around on its axis one revolution per day with a slight wobble and orbiting around the sun at an alarming speed and again not in a perfect circle but one that is elliptical in shape. Add to this the movement of other things like the moon, which as we know, has great influences on what happens on the face of the earth, the planets, the constellations and everything else within creation. We see that the relative position of the earth to its surroundings keeps changing by the second. Therefore it is essential that we are aware of the consequences of these movements.

First it is interesting to examine in detail what the composition of an energy field is. Is it like a cloud that has no particular structure but just a mass of different particles separate from each other? At first glance it may be like that. However it is from this that we can begin to understand what makes an energy field what it is, a live force. I found that every object that I examined through dowsing had a basic field or aura around it. That seems to be the case no matter how small or large the object was. Close examination showed that within every energy field there were features that displayed themselves in lines. Some of these lines were straight, others curved and formed spirals and other geometrical shapes, some of them archetypal in form. What I found when I placed two or more objects in various relationships to each other that the individual fields around the objects could at times change and instead of a field, lines would be created in its place. Again dependant on the accuracy of the relationship of the objects to each other the lines would be either straight or curved. This highlighted to me the importance of relativity as to the form that an energy field takes. If we accept that this ability to produce a field of energy extends down to particle level then we must look at the effect of the composition of materials and thus all objects. It would therefore be inherent in all materials due to the precise relative position of the atoms and molecules that constitutes it that straight lines, spirals and other shapes be present in the energy field that surrounds it. This also explains why I find that in all energy fields there is a similarity in the display of lines etc. that are present. The similarity increases with the purity of the make up of the object.

If this is true with regard to a few small stones then it must also be so when we look at the earth as a whole. The earth is a conglomerate object made up of millions of different substances and materials with the same opportunities of chance relationships existing in that make up. Therefore it should be expected that, when we dowse, we find straight lines, spirals, vortexes, torroids and many other designs and shapes in the earth’s energy field. It also should be expected that these would be in a constant state of flux and movement due to the non-static condition of the earth within the universe. If the earth is endowed by an energy field due to the reasons that I have given then it would follow that all the heavenly bodies that we observe in the sky would have similar fields with similar lines etc. Another observation that I made was that all energy displays are three-dimensional. This means that lines of energy from the earth are being projected into space and similarly so those from the planets and stars are being projected toward earth. The fact that energy from these bodies is discernible on the face of the earth is well known. If energy from the sun did not reach here we would not exist. I also observed that all energy fields that I dowsed around small objects are energetically linked and this chain of linkage continues up the scale until all things on earth are joined. If that were so on earth then why would it not be so on a grander scale. We express the opinion that there is a great distance between the earth and those other bodies around it. That may be so from our small perspective but if we could get far enough away so as to see all of creation then these distances would be minute. It would be unreasonable to suggest that the earth is unique in that respect and that these energies that we experience are confined to its surface alone.

It is not only the form of the display with regard to the shape that it adopts, that is, lines, spirals etc that we are interested in. It is also what it does to all animal and vegetable life on the earth. Because of that curiosity, when we dowse we tend to ask questions about its nature. Is it negative? Is it positive? Is it beneficial? Is it detrimental? And many other things as well. Why should these differences occur? To answer that in detail would take up too much space but I will attempt to give a brief account of what I believe. This belief has been formed after years of observation.

I talked earlier about the basic energy field. Now I want to refer to what I believe to be the basic energy line. What I have found is that an energy line, as we know it is of composite structure. In many ways like a piece of rope which is made of many short fibres. When we dowse and look for the detail it can be observed. It is the way that these basic energy lines combine to make a larger line that dictates the nature that it will adopt and determine as to whether we will dowse it as belonging to any of the classifications already mentioned.

A basic energy line is inherently straight. It is equally divided and one half will dowse as positive and the other as negative. (I would like to point out that these are terms used by dowsers to classify opposing types of energy and may have no connection with electric energy.)


In most cases these lines are not found in isolation but join up in pairs with a short overlap at the joining ends. Where the joining ends are both negative the line becomes predominately positive with just a small dot of negative energy at the centre.


Whilst a basic energy line may wish to be straight, due to the relative position of the molecules in the make up of the generating object, pressure is exerted that in most cases causes them to form a spiral at each end. When this occurs the following overlapping pattern appears.


This overlapping of positively coupled basic energy lines causes the longer line to become dowsable as beneficial in nature. The opposite is the case where the coupled lines are negative. This causes the longer line to be detrimental. Where negative and positive cross the result is a neutral line. If the spirals on both sides of the longer line are equal in size then the longer line will be straight. If the spirals on one side of the longer line are more coiled up than the other side, then the line will curve towards that side. The degree of curvature will depend on the amount of difference between the size of the spirals on both sides of the long line.

When basic lines are not coupled, if they form spirals, each end will be counter in direction to the other as seen in the sketch and one spiral will be positive and the other negative. This is not a common occurrence.


I am also in agreement with Nicholas Mann where he refers to polarities and opposites. I have already dealt with that in part when I describe energies as being positive or negative. As I have already said this is just a suitable way of describing opposites. When we talk about achieving balance in whatever we may be doing and look on this as our objective we are accepting that there is a necessity for opposites to be present in equal quantities. Therefore when we talk about balancing energies what do we mean. Is it an equal amount of what we describe as positive and negative or is it something else. From what I have said that would achieve a neutral position. Is that better than a state of beneficial energy?

Perhaps balance does mean something else. A few years ago I became aware through dowsing that there is another classification of energy that is not generally known. I found lines of energy that would not answer to any of the standard terms such as those that are usually used. This type of line did not respond to the questions - is it beneficial? Is it detrimental? Is it neutral? Yin? Yang? and so on down the list. For some time I was puzzled until one day I put the question was it was ‘minus’ or ‘anti’ energy. To this I got a yes. I now believe that this is the energy that creates balance. When I looked carefully I found that most places where I dowsed the presence of a ‘normal’ energy line one of these ‘minus’ (not to be confused with negative) lines closely shadowed it. However in some locations I found that was not so. This was brought about through an unusual underground water feature that caused the normal energy to be separated from this minus energy and drawn down into the ground at that location. The minus element was then beamed across the ground until it terminated some few miles away. This line of energy moved slowly back and forth like a windscreen wiper of a car taking several weeks to complete one sequence. The presence of this occurrence is dependent on the geology of the area making this more rare in some areas of the country than others. It is something that can again be simulated by accurate placement of objects.

You may wonder by now where all this is leading. The various changes that can occur in these subtle energies of the earth can be caused by nature or mankind through his actions whether they be intentional or otherwise. There is the further complication I mentioned at the beginning in that man can also influence these subtle energies by his thoughts. Again this can be intentional or otherwise. So whilst I have put forward the suggestion that these energies do indeed behave in a rational and predictable manner it is impossible to be aware of all the different influences bearing down upon them. Therefore it is easy to see why different dowsers get different results. More interesting and important is the effect of these energies on life as a whole.

An interesting theory can come out of all this. If we are prepared to accept that life on this earth, animal and vegetable is dependant to some degree on the energetic side of our existence then any change in that energetic state would result in changes gradually taking place in the physical state. If variations exist within areas and locations and energies are not evenly distributed could this have a part to play in the evolution of life on earth? Why did certain species develop in one area and not in another? From this we could see that evolution might be affected by natural geological occurrences, but also more importantly by human activity and disturbance. The same possibly could be said about creation itself. How much does the energetic interaction between all the heavenly bodies alter the shape of creation? We look on creation as something that happened as a one off thing a long time ago. Is it not ongoing and how much does what we do today play a part in what things will be tomorrow? In other words are we helping to create our own future? Will we finish as our own slave or our own master?

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