Brennan, Martin, 1983. The Stars and the Stones: Ancient Art and Astronomy in Ireland. London: Thames & Hudson.
Important work by a talented investigator.

Dix, Byron & James Mavor. 1989. Manitou: The Sacred Landscape of New England's Native Civilization. Destiny Publications; ISBN: 0 8928 10785.
The book to read about New England's enigmatic underground chambers and other lithic features. Good archaeoastronomical information.

Hancock, Graham and Santha Faiia, 1998. Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization. London: Michael Joseph/Penguin. ISBN 0 7181 43329.
Was the Great Pyramid built by the Egyptians of the third millennium BCE, or was it built by a much earlier civilization? Interesting hypothesis. Lots of astronomy.

Heath, Robin, 1998. Sun, Moon and Stonehenge: High Culture in Ancient Britain. Cardigan, Wales: Bluestone Press. ISBN 0 9526151 77.
A good geomantic read of astronomy and sacred geometry, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid.

new_____, 2007. Alexander Thom: Cracking the Stone Age Code. St. Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire, Wales: Bluestone Press. ISBN978-0-9526151-4-9. If I were to recommend just one book for someone new to this subject, this would be it. Robin Heath not only explains Professor Thom's complicated concepts of Archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry and the Megalithic Yard in a language that beginners can understand, but he also related the sad story of how entrenched archaeologists essentially trashed Thom's work because of their lack of math skills to understand it, and because it doesn't fit in to their anachronistic paradigm of Neolithic people as primitive savages. A must read!

Hawkins, Gerald, 1965. Stonehenge Decoded. New York: DeltaBook.
One of the first popularizers of archaeoastronomy.

Heilbron, J. L. 1999. The Sun in the Church: Cathedrals as Solar Observatories. Cambridge, Massachusetts & London: Harvard University Press. ISBN 0 674 85433 0.
This one's different. These are 17th century basilicas that were used to accurately determine when Easter was by keeping track of the Sun as it crossed the meridian each day throughout the year. It is accurate astronomy in sacred spaces, but not for the same reasons that it was done for in prehistory.

Krupp, Dr, E.C, editor, 1978. In Search of Ancient Astronomies. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co.
Stonehenge to von D??⬨?ج��?niken, archaeoastronomy discovers our sophisticated ancestors.

_____, 1983. Echoes of the Ancient Skies: The Astronomy of Lost Civilizations. New York: Harper & Row.
More scientific evidence for archaeoastronomy.

newMann, Nicholas & Philippa Glasson, 2007. The Star Temple of Avalon: Glastonbury's Ancient Observatory Revealed. 25 Welsh Court, Charter Way, Wells, Somerset BA5 2GD, England: The Temple Publications. ISBN 978-0-955970-0-8. As Robin Heath says in the book's Forward, "...Glastonbury (is) one of the richest sacred landscapes in Britain. However, any sacred landscape must include the sky as an essential component of the totality of our experience of its location... The information presented here places new pieces of the Avalon jigsaw in their correct position, offering the reader a richer and more meaningful history of this awesomely important place."

Newham, C.A., 1993. The Astronomical Significance of Stonehenge. 36 Market Place, Warminster, Wilts, England: Coates & Parker Ltd. ??ᬨ?ج��? 1972.
The author did most of the work in the 50's that Gerald Hawkins got credit for in the 60's. The best place to get it is at the book store at Stonehenge. This is a pioneering work.

North, John, 1996. Stonehenge: Neolithic Man and the Cosmos. London: Harper Collins. ISBN 0 00 255773 8.
A thorough look at what is now know about Stonehenge and its environs. If you thought you knew about it twenty years ago, this will update your obsolete knowledge. Recommended.

O'Brien, Tim, 1992. Light Years Ago. Dublin: Black Cat Press. ISBN 0 948050 08 X.
A study of the cairns of Newgrange and Cairn T, Loughcrew, County Meath, Ireland.

Rey, H.A, 2008. The Stars: A New Way to See Them. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. ISBN 978-0-547-13280-8. The best book on star identification that I know of. Always reprinted. A must if you want to know the stars.

_____, 2008. Find the Constellations (2nd Edition). Boston: Houghton Mifflin. ISBN 978-0-547-131788. A good adjunct to Rey's The Stars.

Thom, Archibald, 1967. Megalithic Sites in Britain. London: Oxford University Press.
The seminal work of our most important astronomer and geometer.

_____, 1971. Megalithic Lunar Observatories. London: Oxford University Press.
Thom turns his attention from Solar to Lunar temples in Northern Europe - primarily Britain.

_____ & A.S. Thom, 1978. Megalithic Remains in Britain and Brittany. London: Oxford University Press.
Thom's final work.


Anyone know a good book(s) on this subject? Sig would like to read them and list them here. Thanks.

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