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We call ourselves Mid-Atlantic Geomancy because we are interested both in the European geomantic tradition and in similar consciousness in the New World - especially among the Native Americans.
We seek evidence of the geomantic tradition and its skills on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The following people have contributed to MAG over the years:


Sig Lonegren

Webmaster Sig Lonegren - has an MA in Sacred Space from Goddard College in Vermont, is a past Trustee of the American Society of Dowsers, is an Honorary Life Vice President of the British Society of Dowsers and has spent the last thirty-five years studying ancient tools that enhance intuition. He is the author of "Spiritual Dowsing," "The Pendulum Kit," "Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses," and "The Dowsing Rod Kit."

His latest downloadable e/iBook is Sacred Space Handbook. It will help you gather information in sacred spaces including archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, the Earth energies and other data.
This will prepare you for the real work: experiencing the Spiritual Realms directly for yourself. Available for iPads at iTunes ($4.99/ £4.99/€4.99) and for Kindle Fire from Amazon ($8.09/£5.14/€5,14).

If you don't have an iBook or Kindle, you can also get a copy of my book for your computer. You will need an Amazon account, and you can download Kindle software free for your Mac or your PC.

See Sig's Books. Sig has found that prehistoric sacred spaces can be used as modern tools for spiritual growth and for creative problem solving. He has headed the ASD Dowsing School, is a member of MapleDragon, teaches at outdoor educational camps in Britain for The OakDragon Project and runs occasional workshops and classes both in the US and in Britain, and is a Trustee of The Labyrinth Society. Sig started MAG when he lived in Vermont in the early nineties, thus making it one of the older websites still on the net.

Over the Years, Others Who Have Helped

Barry Hoon

When Sig moved to Glastonbury, Barry Hoon, who was living on the other side of the Glastonbury Tor, was of inestimable help.

Sig and he spent several years working together to build up Mid-Atlantic Geomancy, and Barry was most helpful in doing the CGI programming and doing the upkeep and on-going maintenance on the site.

Together, they built the first MAG Forum from scratch. It was very easy to use, but after eight years, was beginning to show its age and was therefore, sadly, replaced.

Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway trained as a healer and dowser with his father Bruce MacManaway and subsequently graduated in medicine from the University of Edinburgh.

He studied the construction and uses of sacred space in the United States during a two year apprenticeship with Sig in Vermont, and presently serves as President of the Bristish Society of Dowsers.

He is a professional geomancer with practices both in Britain and America.

Patrick has helped this web site in many ways from contributing articles to our MAG E-zine to writing the major part of the MAG Dowsing section.

Over the 20+ years of this web site, a number of folks have been very helpful. they are:

Tom Dunn for his magical MAG logo (at he top of all pages on the early MAG website) and other illustrations.

Barry Hoon for his help in the early yearsa of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy.

Jeff Saward of Labyrinthos for his permission to use illustrations he made for Sig's book, "Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses" in the MAG Labyrinth Section.

Heather Hoon made a number of the animated gifs and other images on MAG.

Richard Walker of Seven Internet for making the site "Dyslexic Friendly."

Chas at Moonrise Design who helped me with the major upgrade of the entire web site in October 2006.

Sam Welbourne and Torbz/Torben Franck of Ergonet, our ISP <www.ergonet.org/> here in Glastonbury.

I also want to thank Jay Pritchard and Jason Lihou of Cosy Enterprises Ltd, for their help on my latest e/i Book, Sacred Space Handbook, and their assistance with the more technical aspects of the site today.

We want to spread the word about Geomancy. Please feel free to download and share Mid-Atlantic Geomancy with as many people as you like, but also, ask Sig for permission (give him a brief description of what you want to use). If you do share MAG with others, we only ask you to reproduce any section in its entirety (including all credits, copyright notices and addresses), not to alter its contents in any way, and to pass it on to others free of charge. Thanks.

If you are interested in submitting anything to Mid-Atlantic Geomancy from information on a new sacred site to a really good geomantic related book, please check out our guidelines.

We trust you will enjoy this site and learn something about geomancy in the process!

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