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Ros Briagha

I have been drawn to the concept of working with the Earth in experiencing and creating Sacred Space for many years now, and have made a number of geomantic works, both permanent and temporary. This has blended well with my other work as a professional astrologer, as I time the creation and use of geomantic work with the transits of the Sun, Moon and planets.

I prefer to work with earth, stone and wood for most pieces, and am continually inspired by the ancient megalithic works of our ancestors, both in Britain and abroad. I will often go to ancient sites to get information and design ideas for my work, and hope to leave some interesting sites for my own descendants to experience.

I am happy to work in both large and small scale, and can create sites of a permanent nature on peoples' own land, or temporary pieces on public land for special events. I am very drawn to making circles, spirals and labyrinths, which I feel are echoing Nature and her grand designs.

frost labyrinth


I am also very interested in the use of Sacred Space, and am happy to both create a space and show how it can be used, for ceremony, or as a calendar of the seasons, or simply as a beautiful place to be. Sacred Space tends to evolve over time, and according to the needs of those who live with it, so this is also a focus, to make places that grow and develop with the years.

My own land has a number of my works on it, and can be visited to get an idea of the scale and type of thing I do. I am usually able to work with local materials, which feels the right thing for me to do, and most appropriate in terms of integrating with the land. I lived on the land, in a tipi, for 6 years, and feel this has given me a deep insight into the turning of the seasons, and the ability to be in touch with earth energies. You can find out more about me on my web site,

If you would like to discuss your ideas or designs with me, or commission me to create a design for you, please contact me in one of the following ways:

E-mail: rosbriagha (at) hotmail (dot) com
Phone: +44 (0)1269 870 175
Mail: Ros Briagha, Elfane, Mynyddcerrig, Near Llanelli, Carms, Wales. SA15 5BD.

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Marty Cain

Marty Cain

Marty is an artist, dowser, geomancer, labyrinth designer, writer and teacher, was taught to dowse by her Lithuanian grandfather. She has experienced, researched and documented hundreds of ancient, sacred sites in England, the USA and Europe and teaches dowsing as a way to generate creative ideas. Her exquisite land-art focuses on the integration of art and geomancy. Her goal is to create, and enable others to create, new sacred sites that heal the Earth and all who enter them.


This temporary one she installed at the Harvard/Radclife Quadrangle. The yellow lines mark underground veins of water. There are tunnels connecting the various buildings on this quadrangle, and in the tunnels, she marked the veins as well.

Marty has created over 130 permanent labyrinths and numerous temporary ones in the USA, Canada, Brazil, and South Africa. Each was dowsed in place by asking the Earth for the most appropriate location for the highest good of anyone who shall come to walk it and all life in the universe. Once the center and entrance were marked than each ring was completed working from the center outward until its full size was reached.

Marty leads labyrinth workshops where everyone learns how to dowse, is shown many examples of labyrinths, learns how to design then, care for them and create one of their own. The principles learned at the workshop can be applied to creating any sacred site, such as stone circles, vision quest seats, meditation sites etc.


"I think of geomancy as the practice of consulting Earth Wisdom in order to live harmoniously with all life. Or more simply put, the art of harmonious placement. Were we to look more carefully at the way Nature actually works we would discover that intelligence resides in all things and the willingness to live in harmony predominates. This, I believe, is why Geomancy works."

Winding Path

“Winding Path” is a temporary seven-circuit labyrinth marked with white flags and mulch and created for the River Sculpture; A Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition at French Broad River Park in Asheville, NC, USA September-November 2006.

These labyrinths were designed for Dr. Robert Sardello, at his School of Spiritual Psychology in Benson, NC.

Sardello Chartres

They are used in his ongoing research into the Soul of the Earth and our interaction with it. It is interesting to compare the experiences people are having walking both of them.

Sardello Seven Circuit

On the top is a Chartres design and on the bottom one is a simple seven circuit concentric pattern.


Dowsing or water divining is an ancient method of finding water with a forked stick or other simple tool. My grandfather taught me to dowse when I was six. At the time I had no idea what a magical gift he had given me. Today I dowse for water wells, sites to create sculpture, in my consulting practice, and in all my geomancy work and labyrinth building.

Some would have you believe that only special people have the talent to dowse. In my experience, if you are human you can dowse. You may have a slower response or need more patience in the beginning but in all the years of my teaching people to dowse I have not yet met anyone who could not get a response using L-rods. So I suggest you find an experienced dowsing teacher and go for it.

Boreal Art Nature, Quebec Canada, “Gardens of Remembrance”

Boreal Art Nature

The little stone house was built on the side of a cliff with a patio and wild flower garden covering the top. The roof is made of tin covered with thin slabs of stone and leaves as well as a large moss covered tree trunk giving the appearance of the forest floor from the top of the cliff. I dowsed the sculpture’s placement, as well as all the stones and wild plants used in the project.

Marty can be reached at either of these emails [marty(at)nhvt(dot)net] or [martycain(at)bellsuth(dot)net]. Or by writing to Marty Cain, PO Box 1047 Black Mountain, NC 28711 USA. Her website is

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Earth Symbols
Alex B. Champion, Ph. D., Owner

Alex Champion

An earth symbol is a large walkable earthwork, with Sunken paths and elevated earth mounds. The designs are based on the archetypal patterns of Nature, and laid out using principles of sacred geometry, and geomancy. It is an earth sculpture, and a unique garden, as well as a spiritual symbol. It can be used for a personal spiritual pilgrimage, group ceremonies or walks. Or it can be used as place where people can gather to walk, talk, or have fun. A labyrinth naturally creates a sense of community.

Alex Champion may be reached at his website Earth Symbols.

Another magical maze by Alex Champion. Even though this is not a labyrinth, it is definately magical, and, if you're following the flow, there is only one path, and magic will happen! Vesica
Alex's daughter Magical maze and labyrinth builder Alex Champion's daughter Becky walking in one of his garden mazes (14 by 20 feet) in the front yard of his old home in Albany, California.
Alex's new home in Mendocino County. Note the apparent alignment of 3 sites on the left side. The sites for the double spiral and the left-hand Cretan (not dug out) were dowsed. The third site with some mounds is a spot (divine yin/yang energy) that was dowsed, as well as the right-hand Cretan earth maze with Joan and Alex walking in it.
Alex did not notice the alignment until this aerial photo was taken.

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FIELD Geometer/Geomancer/Gaiagrapher

Peter Champoux
Peter at work

Aligning People to Place to Purpose

Peter's early exposure to stone that holds the memory of life, began while quarrying dinosaur footprints as a lad with his father in New England. A teenage revelation that his name translated to Rock of the Field led him to a fascination with other rocks in the field, like Stonehenge. As a classically trained stone mason, he studied the patterns and reactions of stone. Peter is a life long student of comparative religion and all things geographic. He was also a player in the conscious community movement in the 70's and 80's. His unique vision of the world has evolved into reading the patterns of local memory lines as they coalesce into large-scale patterns worldwide.

Peter's seminal work of synthesis on North American energy fields, Gaia Matrix, was published in 1999 (that's Sig on the cover flying on a boulder over the hills of Vermont). Since that time, Peter's particular brand of geomancy, known as FIELD Geometry, has continued to evolve from community to global scale. Mapping of the Unified Field as embodied geometrically in the natural and cultural landscape provides a two-dimensional perspective on inter-dimensional reality. This window into a higher perspective integrates an awareness of place into new coherent patterns of community consciousness.

FIELD Geometry has been and is being applied in large-scale ceremonial Medicine Wheels in North America for regional Earth healing ceremonies. Potential exists for these patterns to release the entrainment of war, and to seed intentions of social and environmental harmony into our planetary consciousness, as shown in the following examples.


New Orleans the center of a 15 point FIELD Geometry. It's geomantic impulse radiates throughout the Mississippi River Bioregion and links with the sacred sites of indigenous Americans. New Orleans is also a point on a global civilization alignment marked by the Mississippi, Nile, Euphrates, and Yangtze River deltas, and the headwaters of the Ganges River. This FIELD study indicates the karmic relationship between war in Iraq and hurricane Katrina. Geomancy reveals how an impulse, no matter the scale, has its affect on the 'FIELD' in total. We are all relatives!

Africa Africa is shown here as a spiral of a conch nautilus. Alignments radiating from its seed point of Sao Tome points to key ways for healing Africa and its people, place, and purpose to flourish.

North America, a circular patterned continent, is shown to have the people, place, and purpose to bring balance to the planet. Its center holds a genesis matrix of our expanding earth. Centre


Help facilitate the dissemination and development of this knowledge by funding a community survey, his research in general, or his next book–which is pouring out his ears.

Peter's services include:

Architectural Consulting

harmonious placement of structures on the land:

designing sacred spaces for homes, theatres, art studios, worship centers,

meditation centers, mediation centers remediation of geopathic stress conditions (from water lines, ley lines, earth grids, vortex)

monument installations / energy activations


workshops (evening, day, weekend) & slide shows

integrating earth energies into holistic healing & meditation practices

participation in elders gatherings

earth healing ceremonies

magical journeys & pilgrimages

FIELD Geometry Surveys

For more information on funding a study of your community, city, region, country, or continent visit the Web Site

or Contact Peter


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Geomancy Consultancy
Richard Creightmore & Friend
Richard Creightmore and Friend

Richard Creightmore (M.A.(Oxon.), B.Ac.) has been in practice as a professional Geomancer since 1986. He holds degrees in both Geography and Acupuncture, and his working life includes running an holistic medical practice in Ashdown Forest in Sussex, travelling as a consultant geomancer in Britain and worldwide, and teaching geomantic healing arts trainings, currently in Britain and Australia. Richard is a Registered Consultant and Tutor with both the British Society of Dowsers and the Feng Shui Society, a Visiting Lecturer in Geopathic Stress and Earth Acupuncture at the School of Integrated Health, Department of Complementary Therapies, University of Westminster, and a principal of Beech Hill College in East Sussex, U.K.. Since the early ‘90s he has been training students around the world in Earth Acupuncture to resolve geopathic stress.

Richard's geomantic background includes training in Dowsing (Colin Bloy, Daniel Wilson), classical Feng Shui (Prof. Wang Yu De, Prof. Cheng Jian Jun, Master Chan Kun Wah, Howard Choy), Space Clearing (Julie Rocka), Sacred Space Design (Sig Lonegren, Patrick MacManaway), Stone Circle Construction (Ivan MacBeth), and extensive journeys into the geomantic traditions and landscapes of Britain, China, India and Aboriginal Australia. His medical background includes training in acupuncture (Dr. Dick Van Buren), Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Thomas Attlee), Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine (Ted Kaptchuk, Hein Zeylstra), Qi Gong (Wang Zhi Xing, Simon Carey-Morgan), and a number of other holistic medical, shamanic and spiritual healing disciplines.

Mt Majestic, Australia
Mount Majestic Stone Circle, Cockatoo, Victoria, Australia,
constructed with his partner Julie Rocka in January 2006.

Richard's geomantic specialties include:

Geopathic stress and classical Feng Shui surveys and clearings for homes, farms, and businesses, with particular emphasis on healing disturbed underground water lines, troubled ley-lines and geomagnetic grid crossings, and focus on releasing human ghosts and resolving problematic non-human entities and disturbed elemental spirits;

Medical Geomancy consultations, ideally as part of an integrated holistic medical approach, for those with cancer, wasting and paralysing diseases, mental illness, or any other medical condition that may have geopathic stress as a primary or secondary aetiology;

Geopathic stress surveys and clearings for public buildings and spaces with a history of a wide range of social problems including vandalism and other public disorder crimes, corruption and financial decay;

Consultation with architects at the design stage of new-build or renovation projects, to introduce classical Feng Shui precepts into the design, bespoke for the client, for optimum Qi flow;

Water Divining for boreholes, with particular experience of the geology and hydrology of South-East England.

Dowsing for placement and design of Sacred Spaces, with particular experience of standing stones, stone circles, and labyrinths.

Beech Hill Stone ring
Beech Hill Stone Circle, Ashdown Forest, East Sussex, U.K.,
constructed with Ivan MacBeth and Julie Rocka, 2000-2001.

Contact details:


Email: creightmore(at) andandspirit(dot)co(dot)uk

Phone: +44 (0)1825 713836

Mail: Beech Hill, Crowborough Road, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3HY, U.K.

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Patrick MacManawayDr. Patrick MacManaway has been in professional practice as a geomancer, geopathic stress & spirit release consultant since 1994, practicing and teaching regularly in both the UK and the USA.

A third generation practitioner of psychic and healing arts, he was trained first by his parents at the Westbank Natural Therapy Centre, Scotland's first healing centre established in 1959, before taking a degree in medicine from Edinburgh University.

Patrick trained in Western Geomancy with Sig from 1992 to 1994, and in Feng Shui with Richard feather Anderson.

Past-President of the British Society of Dowsers and author of "Dowsing for Health" and "Cultivating the Light Body", he is a founder member of the non-profit organisation "Circles for Peace" and co-creator of the Burlington Earth Clock.

Patrick works both on-site and remotely with clients and sites worldwide, working with both geopathic stress and sacred space.

46 Windmill Road
Gloucestershire, UK

Phone 07707 638 293

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patrick's website: Dragonlines

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Chuck Pettis

Chuck is a visionary, designer, eco-artist, and author - is the founder and owner of Earth Sanctuary, a 72-acre nature reserve and meditation parkland on Whidbey Island in the State of Washington in the US.

Ellis Stone Ring Author of the book: Secrets of Sacred Space: Discover and Create Places of Power, over the past 35 years Chuck has built numerous environmental artworks, among them labyrinths and stone circles.

In 1977 he built the Ellis Hollow Stone Circle, the first energetically and astronomically aligned stone circle in the United States.

In 1987 he created the "Seattle Ley-Line Map," utilizing a grant that the Geo Group (of which he is a founding member) won from the Seattle Arts Commission. The map, displaying ley lines that run through Seattle, is part of Seattle City Light's 1% for Art Portable Works Collection. For more information, visit the Geo Group web site.

Earth Sanctuary, founded in 2000, includes a number of sacred spaces including the tallest modern standing stone (21 feet), the tallest stone circle (19 feet), a labyrinth, dolmen, Native American Medicine Wheel and many cairns and other eco-art pieces.

Earth Sanctuary is open every day of the year during daylight hours. Admission is $7/person. The Earth Sanctuary Retreat House is available for people who would like to do a spiritual retreat while visiting Earth Sanctuary.


Chuck also provides geopathic clearing services.

Chuck Pettis resides near Seattle, Washington, on Whidbey Island. He can be reached at

(360) 331-6667

or via email at: cpettis [at] earthsanctuary [dot] org


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