The Seventies

Terry Ross

Terry Ross, also studied with Bruce MacManaway. He was President of the American Society of Dowsers and one of the early people to bring the idea of dowseable leys to the United States. He taught my mother, Virginia, how to dowse, and she taught me in the late fifties. In 1970 or so, my mother took me to a meeting in Woodstock, Vermont at Betty Sincerbeaux's home. Terry was one of the speakers. The next morning, we went to see the Summer Solstice Sunrise at an astronomical platform at Calendar II. That sunrise, I had an experience in the chamber that changed my life. Terry became my teacher, and we worked together throughout the seventies. He has now passed on, but in his time, he was a true Master Dowser.

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Paul Devereaux was the Editor of “The Ley Hunter,” a magazine of the Earth Mysteries. He was a major player in nineteen seventies, when the Earth Mysteries were just reviving. Paul introduced me to the stone rings of Yorkshire and Wales, and is known on both sides of the Atlantic as an Earth Mysteries Researcher. He is the author of numerous books on the subject which emphasize the more scientific focus of his research.

Paul Devereaux

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Kate & John PayneKate & Col. John Payne

Col. John and Kate Payne and Mabel Beggs of Ithaca, New York studied with Bruce MacManaway in the early 1970's. They brought the geomantic information they had learned back to Ithaca, and started the Foundation of Light, a spiritual center that continues to grow today. These people were Master Dowsers in the US in the last half of the 20th Century. (John, Kate and Mildred have all passed on).

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Chuck Pettis studied with the Paynes and Mabel Beggs. In 1977 at the Foundation of Light in Ithaca, New York, he created the first energetically and astronomically aligned stone ring in modern America. He now lives and works out in the Seattle, Washington area, and runs his web site the Geo Group.

Chuck Pettis

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Sig Lonegren

While his mother taught him to dowse in 1959, Sig Lonegren began his serious work in Geomancy in the early seventies with Terry Ross. He then went on to received a Masters Degree in the Study of Sacred Space from Goddard College in Vermont in 1978. Sig served in many capacities for the American Society of Dowsers, and was head of their dowsing school for several years with Ed Jastram in the early eighties. After moving to Glastonbury, England, he was elected to the Council of the British Society of Dowsers. He has written a number of books including “Spiritual Dowsing” and “Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses.
He is Webmaster here at Mid-Atlantic Geomancy.


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