Mag E-Zine 2000

Issue Number 19 Autumn Equinox 2000 Edition

This edition, as usual, covers very different aspects of geomancy from preparing a site a site energetically by Ros Briagha, to thoughts by a labyrinth builder Alex Champion. I have written a piece on divination in which I seek similarities between that various forms of divination that I use in my work. But Patrick MacManaway's article, "On the Emergent Practice of Geomancy, and the Need for Clearly Defined Ethics," is the centerpiece of this issue. Patrick is calling for a code of ethics for all Geomancers using the code he has just worked on for the British Society of Dowsers as a place to begin that. This is important stuff. Please give us your feedback on out MAG Forum.



On the Emergent Practice of Geomancy, and the Need for Clearly Defined Ethics
by Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway

Patrick MacManaway is a geomancer with a background in healing and holism and a degree in conventional medicine. He is a jobbing geomancer both in Scotland and New England. It is a delightfully varied practice working with places very large and very small, domestic and commercial, public and private, pre-design and post-build. He works with labyrinths, healing sanctuaries, shops and schools, estates and gardens, energy mapping and balancing in buildings sick and sound, and in homes both happy and sad. Patrick is a partner in the development of the Mid-Atlantic Geomancy web site, and is co-founder, along with Sig, of the MAG Modern European Geomancy School.

Thoughts of a Labyrinth Builder
by Alex Champion

Alex Champion

I first met Alex Champion in 1991 at "The Year of the Maze" conference in Saffron Walden in Essex, England. I knew that he was building labyrinths and magical mazes out on the West Coast in California. He is an Earth Magician who can turn a steep slope in to magical winding path, or can take a small plot of land and transform it into wonderful simple magical maze. There is a longer bio of Alex at the end of this exciting article. This piece came out of some interesting discussions we had, and I asked if I could use them in our MAG E-zine. Enjoy!

Moon and Onion: A Small Piece About a Small Piece of Geomancy!
by Ros Briagha

Ros Briagha

Ros Briagha is a community leader who ran OakDragon, an outdoor educational organization that brings people back to Nature. She is a Wiccan teacher and ceremonialist who is also adept at divination. Ros will be teaching with Patrick and myself in our Modern European Geomancy School. She is presently living in an outdoor community in Wales, and runs Moon & Onion with her partner Jamie Blackwater. They are both accomplished at divination and other healing arts, and can be reached here in the UK at 07980 117 796 for consultations.

by Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren

Sig is the founder, along with Patrick MacManaway of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy. In this article, he explores the major divinatory tools he has gathered together in the last thirty years of divination. Sig is an author, teacher and active in his community in Glastonbury, England. His spiritual path has taken him through many different World Religions from Hinduism and the Native American path to Celtic and Indo-European Mythology to Biblical studies. He holds a MA in "Sacred Space," an interdisciplinary degree in archaeology, archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, anthropology, and dowsing.


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Welcome to our Summer Solstice 2000 edition of our MAG E-zine!

This edition shows the breadth of things geomantic. We have authors from California and Russia as well as one from Scotland, and two from England. The subjects vary from sacred geometry to labyrinths with an adventure, dowsing and the power of place thrown in. Yet they all speak of the same intent - to better understand our relationship with ourselves and Nature through the medium of sacred space. I've had a great time putting this issue together, and I trust you'll enjoy it as well!

To an Illuminating Summer Solstice!



Orienting From The Center
by Michael S. Schneider

Michael S. Schneider has been working with sacred geometry for a long time. I first met him fifteen years or so ago when he presented his computer analysis of the front of The Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York. He was doing good work back then, and has only gotten better since! He is the author of A Beginners Guide To Constructing the Universe : The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science, and has a very useful web site including a list of workshops he presents in Marin County, California.

Living with the Power of Place
by Diana Griffiths

Diana Griffiths

For the last 30 years Diana’s connection to the earth and to spirit has taken her on a journey through the teachings of many peoples; the Celtic/Pagans, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Chinese and African - all share a common belief in the Sacred Circle. She is a teacher, healer and creator of magical crafts, co-founder of Glastonbury Camps, known now as Oak Dragon Camps, and a lover of nature, music and magic. She lives in Glastonbury, England and spends long periods wandering around Vermont!

Labyrinth and the Three Worlds
by Sergey de Rocambol

Sergey de RocambolI first met Sergey de Rocambol on the Internet. He is a Russian who is part poet, part philosopher, part artist, part labyrinth maven, and part shaman. He lives in St. Petersburg, and has a summer house with two labyrinths out in the woods near an ancient sacred site where water gushes out an enormous hole in the ground and forms a river. We have been having fascinating conversations about labyrinths, and I asked him if he might be willing to write about them for our "MAG E-zine." Please visit his Geopartiture web site to get details about building of a labyrinth in Saint Petersburg and more ideas of the different things he's in to.

The Tomnaverie Experience or
Ros, Jamie & Grahame camp it up in the Highlands!

by Grahame Gardner

Grahame GardnerGrahame is a professional lighting designer and production manager. He is associated with Dogstar Design, a group in Glasgow that offer high-quality lighting design and technical services to the live theatre industry. He is also a witch and budding Geomancer. He lives in Glasgow, but tries to get down to Glastonbury as often as possible, and is planning to attend the MAG European Geomancy School. This is the story of some people who met last August in Cornwall at the Solar Eclipse and ended up visiting the stone rings of Aberdeenshire. It is a good example of how friends can get together to visit sacred sites, and come to some amazing conclusions and awarenesses. Ros Briagha, one of the other adventurers in this story has written for our MAG E-zine, and is one of our teachers at the Geomancy School that Grahame is taking in the Autumn. This is more than "my vacation in Scotland." It is the story of geomancers at work.

A Sideways Look At Dowsing
by David Purnell

David PurnellDavid Purnell writes: My extended family has a number of healers, both past and present, so I was exposed to, and have been involved with, alternatives from the start. My work was as an air traffic controller, then many years involved with the computer systems processing and providing information and displays for controllers, until I took early retirement because the work was no longer fun.

David Purnell is Membership Secretary and Assistant Programme Secretary in the the Devon Dowsers. He and I had some correspondence concerning the issues of repeatability in dowsing. I have claimed that with intangible target dowsing, each dowser finds slightly or radically different things. David reports so examples of consistency, and I asked if I might print his thoughts in our E-zine.

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Welcome to the Spring Equinox edition of our MAG E-zine!

In our Winter Solstice Issue, we asked our geomantic writers to look into their crystal balls and to talk about the future of geomancy. In this issue, we have asked our writers to look at the now. We have come a long way (baby) since I first got in to this material in the late sixties and early seventies. Where are we today? We have some very interesting thinkers with us in this issue. Chuck Pettis and his son Bre, are geomancers out on the West Coast of the US. Peter Champoux is doing innovative work in New England. Billy Gawn comes from Northern Ireland, and I'm Mid-Atlantic, I live in Glastonbury, but also have a home in Vermont. So there is a view of geomancy today from a number of different angles, yet there is an interesting similarity that clearly ties these view together.

It has to do with establishing a special/new/different relationship with the Earth. We, as humans, seem to have forgotten some valuable bits of reality in our mad dash into out left-brained, rational, analytical world we now live in. Geomancy is one way to recover this information that is critical to our health and survival.



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