No 17: Spring Equinox

by Sig Lonegren

When I first began working in this field in the early seventies, no one knew the word "Geomancy." It was a forgotten art. There was an esoteric classical study of divination of the land as a system of augury, of looking in to the future. But this definition has changed from it's earlier meaning which was "Earth divination." Goemancy has expanded since then to encompass the numerous activities we now know were part of the constructors of the Neolithic stone rings' bag of tricks - astronomy, astrology, sacred geometry, dowsing, mythology, surveying, ability to deal with discarnates and shamanic/Merlin/Medicine Man skills, just to mention some of them. I remember how hard I had to work to gather the information back then, now there are numerous books on the subject, and new ones are coming out almost monthly - after a dry spell in the late eighties and early nineties.

I wanted to make a comment on this recent usurpation, or at least expansion, of the meaning of the word "geomancy." I find that because of our in our mad dash into out left-brained, rational, analytical world we now live in, the English language doesn't have words to describe less tangible things that are now of interest once again. "Chakra" is a good example. English doesn't have a word for these energy centers - because Western Man decided long ago that they were of no use to the rational/analytical though processes. We needed to borrow from a language (Hindu) that still had these nodes of power in their conceptual framework. So as the awareness came back that there are ancient sites of sanctity that have special intangible but definitely apprehendable beneficial energies, we needed a term that would cover the multidisciplinary tools that were necessary to do this work. That word has become "geomancy." Perhaps Eitel, who wrote that early book on Chinese feng shui for Western ears in the late nineteenth century, first (?mis?)used the word to describe Oriental practitioners' efforts to harmonize the land.

To be honest, we owe most of the current awareness of the concept of geomancy to feng shui. Originally though of as a strange practice in China where they objected to the British rail system because they were laid in straight lines, today feng shui is a rapidly growing concept both in the United States and here in Britain - and I suspect in many other places around the world. It was not the path I followed.

Having studied how our foremothers and fathers built their sacred places, I developed a three pronged approach in the seventies that still works well for me today. When I go to a prehistoric sacred site, I look for evidence of astronomical orientation. Is there an obvious alignment to some significant horizonal astronomical event? I seek geometry. Was this place laid out using a handfull of sacred geometrical ratios - pi, phi, and the square roots of two, three and five? And finally, were the Earth Energies there? At the same time, I also had an interest in the secular uses of this ancient art in homes and in businesses - the aspect of geomancy that feng shui deals with.

Can one apply the principles learned in the construction of sacred spaces to secular space? Well, they don't correspond exactly for me. I know I am opening myself to the, "But, ALL the Earth is sacred!" charge, and that's true, but there are differences as well, though, it might be better to see sacred and secular as part of the same Whole, but when I dowse that habitation sites of ancient Peruvian,s or Bronze Age Britons, or Adena People in Ohio, except for the shawo/man's domicile, none of these prehistoric homes were built over the energies that I dowse at sacred sites around the globe. In dealing with homes and businesses, astronomy and geometry become less significant (though certain architects have used sacred geometry - Corbusier, for example - made a thing of using phi). But the secular geomancer usually arrives at a home long after the walls have been put up (though, that's changing too, and some people are beginning to seek geomantic advice before building). So, in most secular geomantic work, it boils down to the Earth Energies and the things that are attracted to them that are of import to secular geomancers in homes or businesses. In this work dowsing and spirit guides are important tools. You can run in to some Nasties in this kind of work.

But somehow, for me, neither sacred nor secular is the most important thing that geomancy can bring us. Yes, it is very useful in locating sacred and secular sites in such a way as to enhance the activity that is going to occur there, but for me, the value of geomancy to the world in 2000 is the actual awareness that Nature is alive. We're not just digging holes in an inert planet. She is alive, and geomancy can assist not only aspiring geomancers to realize this, but also it can wake others up to this reality as well. When working on the Earth, a geomancer needs to know how to read the signs. Now we're getting back to the earlier/classical definition of this word. I call it reading the "daysigns." As I walk into a sacred site, I pay attention to what is happening in Nature. A hawk might swoop by, or, while not in a circle, there might be a concentration of oak trees, or a spider might attract your attention, or a particular herb.

The trick is to make associations. What does the word hawk or oak or spider mean to you, and what can that tell you about that place you are entering? I can hear you saying, "How do I learn what hawk, oak or spider means?" It's very personal. You begin with what you already know. What energy does a hawk carry for you? Bird of prey? Majestic flight? Fighter? You can do the same with oak and spider. But then where? Herbal books can give you medicinal uses of plants. If you notice a concentration of a certain kind of herb - or even a particularly attractive example of one that catches your eye - it's medicinal uses might give you a clue as to the energy of the site - for you. Another place to look is to Ovid. His "Metamorphoses" is full of stories about mythological figures, plants and animals. These can tell you what certain plants and animals meant to the southern European people. There are Celtic and Norse works that also have these associations. There are a number of different animal card decks that are full of information about animals in different parts of the world. I found the OBOD (a British group, the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) deck of cards very helpful in New England.

But the point here is to find ways to tune back in to Nature. Once you speak to Her, and she responds that's true geomancy! And it is this possibility of an active interrelationship with Nature that is the most important contribution that geomancy can make to the people of the earth - especially us "Westerners" (though it is quite probable that a number of cultures in other parts of the world still do have some contact). But it is that logical conclusion that the Earth is here for our taking that is ultimately killing us. Awareness of daysigns or other techniques that wake people up to the reality that Nature is awake and wanting to talk could have a lot to do with turning things around environmentally. I feel that this is geomancy's most important gift to the new millennium.

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by Chuck Pettis and Bre Pettis

I received a letter in response to my book Secrets of Sacred Space that sparked my interest and intrigued me. This letter was from a young geomancer who had begun to feel the power of sacred space in her own life and was beginning the work of being a geomancer.

She wrote: "When I am in special, places, like mountain tops, churches, and most recently on my trip to Scotland, in stone circles, I feel a real sense of the strength and power in the landscape. I am drawn to walk the path of the geomancer. Although I have no experience in architecture or construction, I have begun to create a sacred place of power, peace, and beauty in my yard and I also enjoy building temporary sacred spaces in nature like Andy Goldsworthy does (but not as good as his!). My role as a geomancer is growing in my life, and questions are arising for me. First of all, what kind of future is there in geomancy and what advice would you have for a beginner. The bigger question is what kind of role does the geomancer’s have in contemporary society? Sincerely, A Young Geomancer."

This letter compelled me to write her back because while everyone has the potential to work with the powers of nature to become a geomancer, there isn’t much support for young budding geomancers. There are only a few people who teach "Geomancy 101" and no formal bachelor or graduate degrees in geomancy.

What follows is my simple overview of Geomancy in the 21st century. My goal is to give the young upstarts an idea of what great potential there is for geomancy in our wonderful time. There really is no better time to become a geomancer. For example, 25 years ago, the number of practicing geomancers was small, certainly under 100, perhaps under 10. Today, many people are beginning to practice geomancy and create their own stone circles and sacred places. Some people are beginning to learn how to divine the earth at ancient monuments and in their own homes. Imagine a world where geomancy is a respected art and you will be imagining a place of beauty, harmony, peace, and wonder.

Not everyone needs to get a business card with geomancer written on it to make a difference. The role, or archetype of the geomancer is waiting to be woken up in everyone. Many actions of geomancy can be done by anyone.

For all the young geomancer’s out there, and for all the people who feel the pull to be in greater harmony with their environment, I dedicate the following overview of Geomancy in the new millennium.

I see the geomancer’s mission growing and evolving in three areas:

  1. Strengthening the spiritual presence at ancient monuments.
  2. Designing and building contemporary sacred spaces.
  3. Designing and building enlightened ecologies that benefit all beings, as well as humans.

Strengthen the Spiritual Presence at Ancient Monuments

Millions of people visit ancient monuments all over the world to experience the sense of awe, wonder, and fascination that resides at these places of power. It is apparent to anyone who visits ancient monuments that the power and special sacredness of these sites is, in most cases, being depleted. It does not take a rocket scientist to observe that too much is being taken from these sites and not enough is being put back in.

Places of power take on the strong emotions of people who visit and experience them. The ancient ones put lots of spiritual feeling into their sacred places. Not enough is being done to maintain this feeling. If there are no positive spiritual thoughts and feelings being put into a sacred site, then the level of that site’s power gradually diminishes.

This decline in the power of ancient places needs to be stopped and reversed. There are many things that you can do to have a positive impact on a sacred space. Here are four simple things that you can do to help:

  • Treat ancient monuments as sacred, consecrated places.
  • Notice when you cross into a sacred space.
  • Once you cross into a sacred space, think positive thoughts, think good thoughts to anyone you know. Don’t argue.
  • Don’t leave garbage. If there is garbage, pick it up.
  • Meditate at the site.
  • Bless the site.
  • Wish that all beings be happy.

Build Contemporary Sacred Spaces

Visiting an ancient monument is one thing. Actually building a sacred space is another thing all together. Indeed, the making of a sacred space is special in and of itself; the archaeological study of Stonehenge shows almost continuous building and change over 2,000 years! When built over ley-line power centers by spiritually aware people, contemporary sacred spaces immediately have the same level of power experienced at most ancient monuments. With meditation, ceremony and other spiritual practices, new sacred spaces can have more power than ancient monuments.

New sacred spaces are important for many reasons:

  • They facilitate personal and group spiritual experiences.
  • They heal the Earth and contribute to world peace.
  • They can alter, uplift and expand our consciousness.
  • They facilitate enlightenment.
  • They give us symbols of home, the ancestral past, and the promise of a more spiritual and positive future.

Design Enlightened Ecologies that Benefit All Beings as Well as Humans

As I have built sacred spaces, I have become much more sensitive to and aware of the land around the place, as well as wildlife, and plant life. I see the role of geomancer evolving to that of "sacred ecologist." A sacred ecologist creates large-scale landscapes that combine places that improve the emotional and spiritual well-being of people with the preservation and conservation of land, wildlife, and plant life.

People need a way to escape to someplace safe, beautiful, and healing. A sacred ecologist designs and builds special landscapes that facilitate attitudes of love, kindness, compassion, and joy, while creating little "heavens on earth" for animals and plants. We do this by creating delightful hidden and revealed sacred spaces, located on places dowsed for maximum resonance. Pathways through woods follow water lines and ley lines, intersecting with naturally beautiful spots for rest, meditation and visual/auditory inspiration. We design for minimum ecological impact and maximum spiritual impact.

As sacred ecologists, we must expand our outlook and vision. We need to think bigger and, by our own actions, inspire a new kind of environmental ethic that goes beyond protesting environmental wrongs to creating stable, resilient, and sacred ecosystems that maximize the diversity and population of wildlife and plant life. Going beyond reading about sacred space to actually creating your own sacred space is a big and rewarding step. An even bigger step is to create sacred spaces and landscapes that are spiritually revitalizing and renewing for others–naturally healthy places for people to relax and reconnect with their spirituality and the spirit of nature.

The sacred ecologist’s approach is to let the land tell us everything. "Drainage and ponds will tell us where not to tread," explains David Rousseau, one of the world’s experts in this area and author of Your Home, Your Health, And Well-Being. "The energized landscape will be the painting, the canvas and the frame. The forest and rock will tell us where to mark trails, and the natural habitat will tell us how much room there is for human activity, building and dwelling. Furthermore, the subtle energies of the site, and the intention to reinforce them, will form the physical plan for the geometry and alignment of all built features and interventions."

In the new millennium, geomancers will expand their domain from the home, office or building site to the placement of sacred places within the sacred landscape. Geomancy, feng shui, and sacred space along with architecture, landscape architecture and urban/rural planning will merge. New, integrated and environmentally harmonious and beneficial ecologies will emerge. The subtle and poetic facets of design–the spirit of place and sacred space–will combine with the technical and esthetic, in order to achieve a true and whole approach to design. Rousseau emphasizes, "This is both the missing piece and the new frontier in contemporary design practice. Everyone who wants to truly ‘think and practice green’ must ultimately also think and practice sacred."

I encourage you to be a part of this movement and apply your specific skills and talents to create a world that works for not only 100% of humanity, but for all the plant and animal species, as well.

So all you young geomancers out there, begin work again and again. Let the land speak to you. You have chosen this work, and the Earth has chosen you to do it… The Earth welcomes all who wish to bring harmony and peace to the landscape. You have the power to literally make the world a better, peaceful, harmonious place.

©2000, Chuck Pettis. A section of this article is excerpted from Secrets of Sacred Space by Chuck Pettis (Llewellyn, 1999).

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Will We Be Our Own Slave
Our Own Master In the New Millennium?

by Billy Gawn

The theme of the articles in the Winter Solstice 1999 MAG E-Zine was a forward look into the new millennium and the part that geomancy would have in the development of peoples perspective on life and their understanding of creation as a whole. How we bring together the spiritual and the physical under the same mantle of understanding. At the moment it would appear that at the best the scientists and the leaders of religion are in the main standing with their backs to each other ignoring the others viewpoint. However in a few cases there is at least recognition that any one side does not hold all the answers. Those of us who can glimpse behind the curtain of the world of what we call reality, through dowsing, can see that both views are equally important and that singly they can not survive. The physical can not exist without the energetic or spiritual and vice-versa.

I also want to go back a few issues to an article by Sig on "Dowsing in Sacred Space — The New Realities" where he highlighted the different perspectives and findings that dowsers generally get when surveying the same location. This confusion amongst dowsers, although generally acceptable to them, does nothing to build confidence in those who have not as yet been initiated into the brotherhood or, to be politically correct, should I also say sisterhood as well. I agree completely that it is likely that dowsers will continue to have different experiences and different findings and that perhaps it is not important that they do find the same. But I think that it is important that we attempt to understand why things spiritual and energetic seem to be in the main unpredictable whilst those in the physical realm predictable. However it may not be as black and white as I have made it sound as present day physicists are at times puzzled at the unpredictable nature of some of the results that they are getting. It is now becoming clear to them that the mind can indeed influence the result. Can particles and subsequently matter be influenced by thought? This is now a burning and pertinent question.

As dowsers we know that this question has been around for some time on our side of the fence and it is generally accepted that the mind, at energetic levels of existence at least, can have great influence and can make changes of a significant nature. Many dowsers now go further than that and can provide anecdotal evidence that the mind can make changes on the physical and material level as well. Healing and diversion of underground water are two examples of this. However I feel that we must be careful in that we do not come to the conclusion that the mind is all-powerful and that the physical does not matter. Geomancy, like Feng Shui, is basically the art of placement in such a way that both material and spiritual things are brought into harmony. This recognises the influence of the one upon the other and equal importance for both. It has been with this approach that I have participated in dowsing as an aid to provide that harmony within our environment. I have studied in detail the result of what nature has done and what man intentionally and unintentionally is doing as he passes through on his journey of life.

What I want to do briefly is to highlight some of my findings that may be relevant to the discussion in hand. Nicholas Mann (Beyond 2001, Contact & Apollo 13: The Dynamics of Space Revisited) contends that the energies that we experience on earth extend to infinity. I quote.

"My experience of these states have persuaded me that what we call geomantic qualities or energies running through life on earth, extend into every dimension of existence. These dimensions include the smallest quantum realm and the vastness of space — even the mysteries of the first stages of creation of the universe."

This is indeed a view that I fully subscribe to and I will explain why I arrived at that conclusion. If we follow this thought through to it’s logical end then it has significant importance.

In looking at the effect on the dowsable energy field, and lines within that field, through the placement of objects I observed many things that were of interest and, I think, allows statements and projections to be made. One is that every piece of matter, large or small, has the ability in most circumstances to generate energy that is displayed in a field around it. It is this ability that produces what we refer to in dowsing terms as "Earth Energy". A dowsable field that envelops all the earth, something, I believe, that all dowsers agree upon. It is when we examine in detail this energy field that dowsers begin to disagree and find different things. The problem for us in our examination of the earth’s energy field is that the earth is so large and we are so small and we can only examine one small area at a time. We are much too close to our work; in other words we can not see the wood for the trees.

If we had the opportunity to go on an Apollo mission then perhaps we would have the proper perspective from which to see what was actually happening. Not having that advantage I took the other alternative and looked at the energy fields generated by small objects that we find all around us. Due to my interest in things megalithic I mainly used stones, not megaliths, but of a size that I could easily move around. To move them around is indeed important to understand what is happening at world level. We should always keep in mind when dowsing earth energies that the earth is far from stationary. It is whizzing around on its axis one revolution per day with a slight wobble and orbiting around the sun at an alarming speed and again not in a perfect circle but one that is elliptical in shape. Add to this the movement of other things like the moon, which as we know, has great influences on what happens on the face of the earth, the planets, the constellations and everything else within creation. We see that the relative position of the earth to its surroundings keeps changing by the second. Therefore it is essential that we are aware of the consequences of these movements.

First it is interesting to examine in detail what the composition of an energy field is. Is it like a cloud that has no particular structure but just a mass of different particles separate from each other? At first glance it may be like that. However it is from this that we can begin to understand what makes an energy field what it is, a live force. I found that every object that I examined through dowsing had a basic field or aura around it. That seems to be the case no matter how small or large the object was. Close examination showed that within every energy field there were features that displayed themselves in lines. Some of these lines were straight, others curved and formed spirals and other geometrical shapes, some of them archetypal in form. What I found when I placed two or more objects in various relationships to each other that the individual fields around the objects could at times change and instead of a field, lines would be created in its place. Again dependant on the accuracy of the relationship of the objects to each other the lines would be either straight or curved. This highlighted to me the importance of relativity as to the form that an energy field takes. If we accept that this ability to produce a field of energy extends down to particle level then we must look at the effect of the composition of materials and thus all objects. It would therefore be inherent in all materials due to the precise relative position of the atoms and molecules that constitutes it that straight lines, spirals and other shapes be present in the energy field that surrounds it. This also explains why I find that in all energy fields there is a similarity in the display of lines etc. that are present. The similarity increases with the purity of the make up of the object.

If this is true with regard to a few small stones then it must also be so when we look at the earth as a whole. The earth is a conglomerate object made up of millions of different substances and materials with the same opportunities of chance relationships existing in that make up. Therefore it should be expected that, when we dowse, we find straight lines, spirals, vortexes, torroids and many other designs and shapes in the earth’s energy field. It also should be expected that these would be in a constant state of flux and movement due to the non-static condition of the earth within the universe. If the earth is endowed by an energy field due to the reasons that I have given then it would follow that all the heavenly bodies that we observe in the sky would have similar fields with similar lines etc. Another observation that I made was that all energy displays are three-dimensional. This means that lines of energy from the earth are being projected into space and similarly so those from the planets and stars are being projected toward earth. The fact that energy from these bodies is discernible on the face of the earth is well known. If energy from the sun did not reach here we would not exist. I also observed that all energy fields that I dowsed around small objects are energetically linked and this chain of linkage continues up the scale until all things on earth are joined. If that were so on earth then why would it not be so on a grander scale. We express the opinion that there is a great distance between the earth and those other bodies around it. That may be so from our small perspective but if we could get far enough away so as to see all of creation then these distances would be minute. It would be unreasonable to suggest that the earth is unique in that respect and that these energies that we experience are confined to its surface alone.

It is not only the form of the display with regard to the shape that it adopts, that is, lines, spirals etc that we are interested in. It is also what it does to all animal and vegetable life on the earth. Because of that curiosity, when we dowse we tend to ask questions about its nature. Is it negative? Is it positive? Is it beneficial? Is it detrimental? And many other things as well. Why should these differences occur? To answer that in detail would take up too much space but I will attempt to give a brief account of what I believe. This belief has been formed after years of observation.

I talked earlier about the basic energy field. Now I want to refer to what I believe to be the basic energy line. What I have found is that an energy line, as we know it is of composite structure. In many ways like a piece of rope which is made of many short fibres. When we dowse and look for the detail it can be observed. It is the way that these basic energy lines combine to make a larger line that dictates the nature that it will adopt and determine as to whether we will dowse it as belonging to any of the classifications already mentioned.

A basic energy line is inherently straight. It is equally divided and one half will dowse as positive and the other as negative. (I would like to point out that these are terms used by dowsers to classify opposing types of energy and may have no connection with electric energy.)


In most cases these lines are not found in isolation but join up in pairs with a short overlap at the joining ends. Where the joining ends are both negative the line becomes predominately positive with just a small dot of negative energy at the centre.


Whilst a basic energy line may wish to be straight, due to the relative position of the molecules in the make up of the generating object, pressure is exerted that in most cases causes them to form a spiral at each end. When this occurs the following overlapping pattern appears.


This overlapping of positively coupled basic energy lines causes the longer line to become dowsable as beneficial in nature. The opposite is the case where the coupled lines are negative. This causes the longer line to be detrimental. Where negative and positive cross the result is a neutral line. If the spirals on both sides of the longer line are equal in size then the longer line will be straight. If the spirals on one side of the longer line are more coiled up than the other side, then the line will curve towards that side. The degree of curvature will depend on the amount of difference between the size of the spirals on both sides of the long line.

When basic lines are not coupled, if they form spirals, each end will be counter in direction to the other as seen in the sketch and one spiral will be positive and the other negative. This is not a common occurrence.


I am also in agreement with Nicholas Mann where he refers to polarities and opposites. I have already dealt with that in part when I describe energies as being positive or negative. As I have already said this is just a suitable way of describing opposites. When we talk about achieving balance in whatever we may be doing and look on this as our objective we are accepting that there is a necessity for opposites to be present in equal quantities. Therefore when we talk about balancing energies what do we mean. Is it an equal amount of what we describe as positive and negative or is it something else. From what I have said that would achieve a neutral position. Is that better than a state of beneficial energy?

Perhaps balance does mean something else. A few years ago I became aware through dowsing that there is another classification of energy that is not generally known. I found lines of energy that would not answer to any of the standard terms such as those that are usually used. This type of line did not respond to the questions - is it beneficial? Is it detrimental? Is it neutral? Yin? Yang? and so on down the list. For some time I was puzzled until one day I put the question was it was ‘minus’ or ‘anti’ energy. To this I got a yes. I now believe that this is the energy that creates balance. When I looked carefully I found that most places where I dowsed the presence of a ‘normal’ energy line one of these ‘minus’ (not to be confused with negative) lines closely shadowed it. However in some locations I found that was not so. This was brought about through an unusual underground water feature that caused the normal energy to be separated from this minus energy and drawn down into the ground at that location. The minus element was then beamed across the ground until it terminated some few miles away. This line of energy moved slowly back and forth like a windscreen wiper of a car taking several weeks to complete one sequence. The presence of this occurrence is dependent on the geology of the area making this more rare in some areas of the country than others. It is something that can again be simulated by accurate placement of objects.

You may wonder by now where all this is leading. The various changes that can occur in these subtle energies of the earth can be caused by nature or mankind through his actions whether they be intentional or otherwise. There is the further complication I mentioned at the beginning in that man can also influence these subtle energies by his thoughts. Again this can be intentional or otherwise. So whilst I have put forward the suggestion that these energies do indeed behave in a rational and predictable manner it is impossible to be aware of all the different influences bearing down upon them. Therefore it is easy to see why different dowsers get different results. More interesting and important is the effect of these energies on life as a whole.

An interesting theory can come out of all this. If we are prepared to accept that life on this earth, animal and vegetable is dependant to some degree on the energetic side of our existence then any change in that energetic state would result in changes gradually taking place in the physical state. If variations exist within areas and locations and energies are not evenly distributed could this have a part to play in the evolution of life on earth? Why did certain species develop in one area and not in another? From this we could see that evolution might be affected by natural geological occurrences, but also more importantly by human activity and disturbance. The same possibly could be said about creation itself. How much does the energetic interaction between all the heavenly bodies alter the shape of creation? We look on creation as something that happened as a one off thing a long time ago. Is it not ongoing and how much does what we do today play a part in what things will be tomorrow? In other words are we helping to create our own future? Will we finish as our own slave or our own master?

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by Peter Champoux

My short years and exposure to the field of geomancy began in the early 1970's. At the time little was known on this side of the pond about this mother of sciences. The American attitude was that the land was available for the taking and was commodity based. Collective natural resources were there for the taking, or more aptly- squandering. Back in those early days only a few books were available on Geomancy. This subject, an earth science, was known by most early civilizations and used by the elite and priest class, prior to the Age of Reason. The term geomancy a western word can be likened to the word given to the Chinese divination tool, Fung Shui. Of late, geomancy has expanded in genre to include a holistic range of "schools." In the case of the Chinese, the most auspicious spot was reserved for the revered ancestors who benefit the generations from a place of power and influence. The geomancer, by Webster's definition, was thought to predict the future from the patterns generated by mud thrown on the ground. In practice these splats of mud could be anywhere in scale from mountains, thrown by God; to sand thrown by a cat. Geomancers in modern terms are land therapists taking stock of the spiritual geography impacting society or anarchy, as the case may be. It's all about earth's unseen effect on man, a condition which affords a sense of place. How 'bout this one- Geo-Man-See. Simplistic, I know!

After 30 years of attempting awkward explanations of geomancy, it is refreshing today, to be met with a light of understanding when broaching the subject. The reason for a greater understanding of this sciences' existence has been in part due to the popularization of Fung Shui, crop circles, labyrinths, and less generally the Gaia hypothesis as tools of transformation. 'It's alive! and so am I!'

Creating a dialogue and conscious relationship with this planetary species is the result and ultimate benefit of the practice of Geomancy. In my early research of historic landscape it became evident that Native American and 'early Site' (megalithic-like sacred sites in New England) followed geomantically relevant and determinate patterns. Early on I understood that geomancy was a metaphysical power, well beyond the understanding of this apprentice. Indeed this must have been the case historically with geomancy. We can see it at play in the work of the Templars whose Gothic construction, embedded and enchanted the European landscape with Christic energy. It is evidenced in the Great Wall of China, in coveted Jerusalem and the Michael - Mary Line of Southern England. These were past applications of the science of Geomancy. What is next?

I am curious about the "activations" tours (I am guilty!). What affect do ceremonies have on places of power? for instance- performed by Mickey Mouse in his wizards cap? How is geomancy applied today? More often than not, well meaning individuals in the pursuit of planetary awakening and transformation have mixed results. Dissipate noxious rays, here? released and cleanse black lines there? diverting or attracting Chi ? releasing the emotions embedded in human sacrifice zones ? trigger the ascension ? to benefit ego or ism? This individualized twist on geomancy is new to the field. Once these forces were clearly a collective endeavor for the benefit of health and the continuity of the generations... Fertility, health, improved growing conditions, crop yields, peace, security were all thought to be benefits that geomantic technologies afforded its believers worldwide. This geomantic use of collectively held lands were maintained by devoted people who surely benefited from these spiritual and natural resources (See section on moving big rocks).

In the 70's the idea of a 'Sacred Mountain' was laughed at, now its a legal reason to stop development. There are a hundred books on the subject of Fung Shui and geomancy;... along with numerous tours,conferences and magazines available at news stands/ web sites worldwide. Geomancy has feed the narcissism of the rich and revenues for interior designers, reaching new levels in temple construction for the western ego. Yes, we are now keenly aware of geomancy as a tool for better living.

Over the years geomancy has been introduced through the labyrinth dances being preformed at gardens near you, three hour tours to feel the energy of Sedona, Arizona's vortex and the Crop Circles, whose languaged geometric patterns teach our hearts about the Great Mother. CNN was right, the earth is a biological organism afflicted and blessed by human emotion, resonance, and prayer. Other contributors to this reawakening of our senses of place and the development of this new science of Geomancy are uncatalogued yet evident and then there are of course our heros Sig and Patrick. They'll write sagas about these fellows of the north kingdom.

Right! What's next? What do geomancers or societies that embrace this paradigm look like in the next 1000 years? Every planning board benefits from this perspective and has one to consult. Taught from preschool to old age, it becomes the next Hesse- Glass Bead Game. A practice as much as it is a study, geomancy is still very much in its infancy. These are the good old days in this synthesis discipline of the geo(s). Geography, geometry, geology... Early in the seventies there were fewer opportunities than today to study geomancy. Typically one learned from one 'School' or 'Form' at a time in a foreign land. In writing Gaia Matrix and the Geometries of North America, it was clear that the geomantic nature of the planet was only visible through the eyes of many, noone can know it all-- with accurate perspective and solid understanding.

In this Information Age one is inundated, without referential context.Today one can learn the basics on the web like you are today as well as learn from teacher's in Glastonbury, England and Shelburne, Vermont from Bali and the Yucatan, in Slovenia at the Hagia Chora School for Geomancy, or at conferences by, then there is Professor Linn, the Black Hats, and the Pagans, Fairy practice, the Dowsers, and on my home turf/ business/nonprofit-- We are at the point in the story when the wiseguys: group grope the elephant's parts, all having differing opinions on what this great beast is. Exciting times for geomancers! With the advent of GPS and GIS (Global Positioning/Information Systems), an electronic/ digitally mapped earth, and previously unknown geomantic modeling capabilities, our science is being brought to a new level. The use of these tools were indispensable in arriving at the geometries in Gaia Matrix.

We are in the mist of an 11 year solar flare cycle impacting the electrical body of the earth making geomantic qualities more evident. Its maddening effects on people and weather is enough for anyone to get out there and nail down the local nerve center with a megalith or two. Geomancy is an attempt to tune and stabilize the earth's neuro-resonant field systems.

My hope for the furtherment of this fascinating piece of our surroundings is that Practioners of Geomancy convene in a common location to dialogue and learn from each other on a regular basis. All in all geomancy is best understood in person and with the land, experienced and practiced stone-to-toe and in group consciousness. Beyond the tour of the liths, what good is this stuff- geomancy? Beyond the lightening bolts and the pleasures of eccentric company, What benefit does geomancy afford the generations?

In my book Gaia Matrix I describe bio-regional geometric patterns that are organic in origin and are ready-made for restorative social structures in the next millennium. My ability to delineate these forms is a savant's gift, one which needs corroboration and scrutiny by fellow researchers. Truth through the eyes of many! Given any sacred site with any combination of geomancers there will be a similarly diverse discourse with varying process but all in the end correct. Just how to frame the questions to ask of this time honored practice? The geomantic community can do a great service for the generations by coming together in our diversity to develop a modern study and application-- in the context of 'the condition our condition is in'. Where is there such a podium? New Port Earth Institute? Findhorn? Arkhom? The United Panhood of Earth P(k)eepers? and would geomancy's maverick practitioners participate in the fusion of the purity of their "school"? Seriously folks, lets get serious! The most established school of geomancy is, the General maker--West Point Academy and that ilk. The governments of the world have continuously involved geomancy to control populations and get an upper hand in war. Used to consolidate power, as was the case with the Catholic Church in their expansionary forays into the Americas and elsewhere when churches were placed on the historic pantheistic sacred sites. This is the force that has spiritually supported Empires, made paupers and enslaved populations. One can see geomancy at work in the industrial complex, in government and the military to control environments. 'Control this grid and you'll control the world'! ...Conspiracy theories abound! Then there is the ETs. The geomancy of love has the potential of freeing us and the earth grids from this grid lock.

One such geomantic alignment salient to the North Atlantic Geomancers is known by its various characteristics; Satan, city, conflict, opportunity, liberty, power .... This alignment is one of many such transglobal earth meridians and is perhaps one of the most strategic alignments of the North Atlantic. Encompassing this northern ocean and shared waters of the Mediterranean Sea, it is readily visible simply with globe and string, stretching from Mexico City to Mount Carmel in Israel. Along this tour of power and blood you will find located: the mouth of the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, the Satan Axis through Nova Scotia, Belfast, London, Brussels, the Franco-German Border and Kososo. Perhaps from this you can see the geomantic effect such places have on the peace and security of the rest of the world when Kosovo or Israel goes to war with themselves. With such established centers of economic and political power located as such- there is potential, with geomancy, to harmonize and bring peace to this line that has been the flash point for world wars, trade wars, religious wars, civil wars, sectarian wars, revolutions and evolutions. This is one of many examples where through education in geomancy one is free-ed from the tyranny of a collective rut.

The earth grid upon which the Wind and the Water (FungShui) flow is under stress from all directions. Solar flares, galactic center alignments, AC/DC, resonant wave forms, sound, Time Gates, HAARP's and the emotions of the suffering millions --all impact that piece of joy entering through the garden gate from over the ley.

Geomancy has been a control mechanism of empires, the angels, and the great THEM. We, who practice it in modern terms are sadly considered on the fringe and easily dismissed as eccentric or delusionaries blessed with an overactive imagination. How DISimpowering! This science is indeed quite the reverse and a tool to bring harmony to a discordant world. I suggest to you today that geomancy is a discipline which will bring human behavior in to concordance with the organic flow of the Great Mother's life expression. It is about the life force of the earth. Healing the cancer of humanities affliction on this planetary species is one benefit. Geomancy, through its ethics and practice, could bring about a restorative environmentally sustainable secure future, create harmonious relations between peoples / neighbors and affect peaceful resolution of conflicts. Geomancy as model for synthesis education, will bring students into context and connection with nature's cycles and patterns. Additionally through geomancy new sources of clean- renewable-unlimited electric power could be taped and disturbed via the earths grid. Working with the environment rather than against it is definitively studied/reported that corporations (even with retooling) would still benefit economically-- even without figuring in the long term advantages. In two words, I see geomancy as the Great Panacea. It could become so much more than what it is today. Yes- it augments religious ceremony and ritual, yes - it can bring prosperity, yes - you are in on a secret. However the question remains, why geomancy, why now, and for what purpose? These are some of the questions I leave you with in hopes that this science evolves beyond local phenomenology and into a practice with global implications and benefit.

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