Geomancers I Have Gnown

A labyrinth

Geo = The Earth
mancy = Divination of

Geomancy is the art of placement of both secular and spiritual structures. Honouring the relationship between human consciousness and the Spirit of Place, geomancers locate and shape spaces in harmony with both the physical and the spiritual environment of a place. Geomancers are thus spiritual ecologists.

With sacred space, you might find a geomancer dowsing to locate the proper spot for a sacred site, then looking for astronomical connections, then designing the shape of the space. Each part of the temple is located so that whatever will be going on at that spot will be enhanced by the earth energies that are there, which can be found by dowsing.

In terms of secular issues, geomantic practises can range from locating and maintaining homes and businesses in harmony with earth energies through to assisting entities which are stuck in a place in moving on to wherever they really need to be. This is both physical and spiritual work.

We call ourselves MAG – Mid-Atlantic Geomancy – because we are interested both in the European geomantic tradition and in similar consciousness in the New World. We seek evidence of the geomantic tradition and its skills on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

We trust you will enjoy this site and learn something about geomancy in the process!

Why Would Anyone Want To Get Into This Stuff Anyway?

I have been working with Nature and Her manifestations for over fifty years. Several years ago, I discovered something that I was totally unprepared for. I was teaching a class in Sacred Space, and I wanted to know if everyone could name at least one kind of tree that grew within one mile of where we were. One city-dwelling female lawyer could not even identify an evergreen tree! This is very sad.

It unfortunately appears that there are many urbanites, including well-educated ones, who honestly do not know what Nature is. They've never experienced it, except when She's being ‘bad’ – as in the weather man saying, “There's some bad weather coming”. Water is 'bad'? Snow is an enemy to be suffered through. Good weather means I don't have to take the weather into account today. No wonder ecologists and environmentalists don't strike a more responsive chord in many hearts.

The study of geomancy can tune you back in to Nature. To do archaeoastronomy, you have to get outside and watch the Sun, Moon, and stars. To check for sacred geometry, you have to get out and measure. Be there. Outside. To experience it, you have to be there. The more you pay attention to a sacred space, the more Nature will speak to you. She's alive, you know! ; - )

A more ‘practical’ reason to get into geomancy is that on the secular level, you can help bring energetic balance to your home. There are places, like crossings of veins of primary underground water, over which you don't want to spend much time. Dowsing and muscle testing can show you these places. You certainly wouldn't want to sleep there, as these spots aid in degenerative dis-ease. Geomancers can deal with these zones of irritation where there is geopathic stress. You can learn to work with these Earth energies.

Also. there are places where it is easier to contact one's Maker. In being able to competently set up a sacred space, or know how to use an ancient one, your ceremonies or other spiritual explorations will be greatly enhanced. This skill can be of great service to yourself and other Seekers on the Path.

There are certain places on the surface of this Earth where creativity and intuition are enhanced. Through geomancy these places can be determined, and you can then use these spots for that kind of work.

Geomancy is a great way to learn about a lot of different spiritual paths.  Mid-Atlantic Geomancy looks at only a portion of the many geomancers who have walked on this Earth of ours. Most people don't even remember this connection with the Earth. Is it in our best interest to have forgotten these skills?

But most importantly, at least for me, I find that I walk with the indigenous-people-of-old who were on this spiritual path as well. In becoming humanistic rationalists, we have given up a great deal of our more intuitive subjective side. We've become too analytical, linear and scientifically fact-oriented. And in the process, many of us have lost contact with Nature. Geomancy is a way to find a balance of the two - of the rational and the intuitive – consciously using both the lef t- and the right-brain gifts and skills the Almighty gave us. It's called gnowing.

Sig Lonegren

Sig Lonegren
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy

In our Autumn Equinox 1998 MAG E-zine we asked eight different professional geomancers "What is Geomancy?" Check out their responses.

Patrick MacManaway, one of the major contributors to this site, has an excellent definition of Geopathic Stress (the work of the secular geomancer). Please check this out as well.

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This is a collection of people who have influenced my professional life in the field of Geomancy over the past fifty-five years  - Divination of the Earth (see Geomancy Overview for a more thorough discussion of what geomancy is). Some of the earlier geomancers I never met, but their literary works got me going when I was first starting out. The rest I have either I taught and they have become active in their own right, or I have worked with them in the field.

I have made up the verb to gnow.  It is based on the Gnostics, and I say it with a hard G so it can be differentiated from to know which means to be aware of something analytically.  To Gnow means that one is aware of something both analytically and intuitively (for example through dowsing where one must ask a very specific question - rational skills - to enhance the possibiity of getting the best answer intuitively). Gnowing is a skill that Earth Mysteries people and Geomancers need as our work requires the use of both sides of the brain and valuing the results equally.

Some of the people I have included in this list have written that they do not see themselves as geomancers.  While I totally accept that, the contributions they have made to this field are inestimable -  labyrinths,  landscape geometry, and the Earth Mysteries to mention a just a few.  These are important aspects of the geomantic tradition, and I truly appreciate and honour their contributions.

The Motto of the American Society of Dowsers sums it up best for me: 

                                       To The Fruitful Search!

I have divided this project into eight sections:

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watkins w   Alfred Watkins
Watkins was the geomancer who got me going with his book Old Straight Track and his discovery of leys (NOT “ley lines).

Sir Norman Lockyer
Extensively studied Egyptian astronomy, and found that the Ancient Egyptians started in the worship stage and eventually began to see how astronomy could help them in their everyday lives.
  sir norman lockyer w 
Fredrick Bligh Bond w  

Fredrick Bligh-Bond

Bristol architect did the initial scientific dig of Glastonbury Abbey, and made many unexpected discoveries through the automatic writing of a medieval monk; later, he designed the lid of the Chalice Well.


Violet Firth a.k.a. Dion Fortune
Worked with the Golden Dawn in London before moving to Glastonbury where she was influential in the early 20th century.  


 Guy Underwood
(1883-1964) wrote The Patterns of the Past and introduced a completely new ways of dowsing the Earth Energies. It was his book that first made me aware that essentially every dowser "sees" the Earth Energies differently depending upon what they have been taught to see and what they are expecting to find.

Alexander Thom
(1894–1985) was a Scottish engineer and retired Oxford Professor was most famous for his theory of the Megalithic Yard (2.72 feet (0.83 m), that some researchers believe was used in the construction of megalithic structures.  He also developed a geometric categorization of stone rings of the British Isles and of Brittany that included their shape and astronomical alignments.


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Virginia Pleasants Lonegren
My mother introduced me to dowsing in 1959 when she had me dowse the location of the town water pipe where it ran into our home, and at the same time, she introduced me to Master Dowser Terry Ross who later became one of my teachers for my Master's Degree in the study of Sacred Space.

 frp tula w   Fredrick Rhodes Pleasants
Uncle Fred,
my mother’s brother, was an authority on African and Western Hemisphere primitive art; he took me to Mexico to visit the ancient sites like this one at Tula, north of Mexico City.

  John Michell
One of the greats of the Earth Mysteries movent, John was a prolific thinker, innovator and author of a number of books including The View Over Atlantis that got me going as a geomancer.

 T. Edward (Terry) Ross
Past President of the American Society of Dowsers Terry was a Master Dowser, who gave me the basic understanding of the Earth Energies at Sacred Sites that I use to this day.
  terry ross w


Byron Dix

A Self taught Archaeoastronomer did the paradigm-breaking work on New England’s stone chambers showing that they were not Colonial root cellars, but sacred sites that were oriented toward significant horizontal astronomical events, and were constructed in harmony with the energy leys that crossed over primary underground water.


Betty Sincerbeaux
(standing in front of Calendar II) was the person who first raised everyone’s attention that the underground chambers in New England were not colonial root cellars, but, as Terry Ross also argued, sacred ceremonial sites.

  cal2 betty w

cal2 winsolrise w  

Calendar II
Oriented towards the Winter Solstice Sunrise this chamber has always been a teaching site for me; it, and was the first chamber where I experienced direct conscious contact with the spiritual realms. (Written about in my first book, Spiritual Dowsing <>.)

Grandmother Twylah Nitsch

Seneca (Iroquois/Haudenosaunee) Wolf Clan Mother introduced me to Native American ideas and ceremonies as well as being a good friend.  Many of the terms I use today - like: when one is sitting in a circle and looking at something in the centre, everyone has their own individual point of view.  She also taught me many chants and prayers that I use in ceremony today - thirty years later.

   twylah nitsch w

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 patrick w   Patrick MacManaway 
Past President of the British Society of Dowsers studied with me in Vermont; taught with me in the Apprenticeship Program (Earth Mysteries and geomancy), and has gone on to be recognized as one of the World’s best geomancers.


Bruce MacManaway 
Father of Patrick, he led part of the protective ring around Dunkirk and when he ran out of medical supplies, he used his healing hands to stop the bleeding; he went on to found The Westbank Centre in 1959, one of the earliest alternative healing centres in the UK, in Strathmiglo, Scotland in the early fifties.

   bruce m

 patriciaMacmanaway w   Patricia MacManaway
Patrick’s mother was a life-long intuitive healer whose natural gifts extended to a deep resonance and rapport with the nature spirit, plant and animal realms. She was known and loved by all who came within her sphere of great love and compassion.

Kate & Col. John Payne
Like Terry Ross, the Paynes studied with the MacManaways in Scotland before coming back to New York State to open the Foundation of Light in Ithaca, one of the early alternative centres.  

  KateCol.John Payne w

chuck pettis w   Chuck Pettis -
Chuck buhas created a Nature Reserve, Retreat Center and Sculpture Garden of sacred spaces (Stone Circles, Labyrinth, Medicine Wheels, Dolmen, Buddhist Stupa and Infinite Tower sculpture) all geomantically connected with ley lines.

The Ellis Hollow Stone Circle
built in 1977 was designed and built by the Chuck Pettis, Mike Sweeney, and the Cosmic Monument Study Group of the Foundation of Light in Ithaca, New York. As far as I know, this was the earliest stone ring located on energetic lines built in North America in modern times.

John Williams

was an old-time Welch dowser in the BSD who first wrote about the five node points on standing stones (with two more below ground) that correlate to the seven chakras; he found that if you leaned against the third one down from the top (equivalent to the throat chakra), it would spin you off!

Richard feather Anderson
B.Sc. Architecture, Feng Shui Master, was an early pioneer in the revival of geomancy, feng shui, earth mysteries, symbolic geometry and labyrinths in North America (having founded the American School of Geomancy in 1985 and designed the seminal labyrinths for San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral), who has continually contributed new insights and practices for applying ancient wisdom within the modern world, especially in the fields of environmental design, earth healing and mystical eco-consciousness.

  Paul Devereux
was an early Earth Mysteries researcher with a special interest in landscape lines, editing 'The Ley Hunter' magazine from 1976 to 1996; subsequently he published 27 geomantic and related books and countless articles, field-studied sacred geographies around the world, and since 1977 is the director of the Dragon Project Trust ( investigating rumours of energies at sacred sites, helped to pioneer archaeaoacoustics (the study of sound at ancient sites) which he continues to research (
Jeff Saward - Based in Southeast England, Jeff Saward was first captivated by the labyrinth in 1976 and is a world authority on the history and development of labyrinths and mazes, author, editor and contributor of many books on the subject, designer and builder of labyrinths, administrator of the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator ( and the Labyrinthos website (


     Kimberly Saward - Originally from northern California, but now based  in England, Dr. Kimberly Saward is a founding member and past president of The Labyrinth Society and has employed her background as a psychologist and educator in her work with labyrinths worldwide, leading tours and writing extensively about the labyrinths and sacred sites she visits.

Marty Cain
For the past thirty+ years, Marty has been active both in the field of labyrinths (where at one time I believe she had built more permanent labyrinths in the USA than anyone else) to dowsing, where she served on the Board of the American Society of Dowsers.


  Nicolas Mann
Nicholas’ books, including ‘Avebury Cosmos’ and ‘The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C.’ show how humans interact with nature and the heavens to produce places of special significance and power.

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 JamieG w   Jamie George
Jamie has long been a great influence on my life as a geomancer. He told me about the initial Earth Mysteries event I went to in Glastonbury in 1984, and helped me move to Glastonbury in 1985. He leads dynamic tours to sacred sites all over the British Isles that include many of the geomancers as speakers mentioned on this site.

Palden Jenkins
I'm interested in 'prehistoric geo-engineering' and the worldview lying behind it, currently working mainly with site alignments, date-dowsing and studying patterns and remnants of megalithic science in West Penwith, Cornwall, where I have also discovered nine previously undiscovered sites and have significantly re-drawn the prehistory of the area - it's all reported on w
Also see


  Diana Griffiths
The geomancy I do is a mix of various practices taught to me over the years by Native American and Aboriginal Healers and utilising my knowledge as a qualified Acupuncturist.  I work on healing the landscape and making sick houses well.

Sue Barnet
Sue was one of my earliest friends when I moved to Glastonbury in the mid-eighties. As a gifted medium, she has been active in the Earth Mysteries field teaching at many of the EM camps I went to in the eighties. She has long run a B&B in Glastonbury that supports seekers who come to the magical Isle of Avalon.


tom_graves_w.jpg   Tom Graves
Extensive research and writing on dowsing, geomancy and more in the 1970s-80s, and still on occasion to date. Works at the periphery of a broad swathe of different fields, including foresight, geomancy, dowsing, intuitive-skills and many more.

Tony Kennish
works with the Sacred Earth Energies of place and Ley Alignment Lines, and communicates with Universal Consciousness, which carries knowledge, information and creative energies.

  Ark Redwood
Arc is the head gardener at Chalice Well, and is highly skilled in the art of geomantic landscape gardening. In the picture above, he is mixing the waters at Imbolc of the Red Spring at Chalice Well with the White Spring waters across the road.

Ann & Roy Procter
Originally taught by Scottish healer Bruce MacManaway in 1980, Roy and Ann developed a service they call Healing Sick Houses, using dowsing to diagnose and spiritual healing to transmute energies detrimental to inhabitants to become beneficial, also helping away any alien entities which were draining people personally. <>


  Ros Briagha
I have always been drawn to ancient sites, since heading off to "live with the fairies" when I was four, to the local bronze age camp! I create and use sacred space, mainly stone circles, that I then use for pagan celebrations, and ceremonies that honour the Earth, and the turning of the seasons in the Wheel of the year. I use my astrological knowledge and deviceless dowsing to guide me in the placing, and using, of both my own, and ancient, sacred sites.

Ivan Macbeth
Ivan was a Druid who passed away in Vermont in 2016, and he made major contributions to Geomancy and the Earth Mysteries by building stone rings both in the UK and in Northeastern United States.

  Jon Appleton
I met Jon at our first Earth Mysteries gathering in Butleigh in 1986. He is a Druid who has worked tirelessly at camps since then – especially at OakDragon. He developed a special dance for two in a labyrinth called appropriately “The Appleton," and his Star Goddess at Avebury is a major development.

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    Alex Champion
I have constructed labyrinths as earthworks mostly in California for over 20 years.  I used dowsing to communicate with the local spirits to ask permission, and to determine the location and orientation of my designs.

Karin Schluter Lonegren
As a giver of readings and as a spiritual healing facilitator I had the opportunity to work with clients facilitating healing and growing awareness on several levels of their lives. Sometimes that entailed a thourough look at the place of residence or business. I’ve been taught geomancy by my husband Sig Lonegren and friend Patrick MacManaway. I’ve helped organising their Western Geomancy School in Glastonbury in 2000. Patricia MacManaway (Patrick’s mother) was my first and most influential spiritual healing teacher.


lauren_artress_w.jpg    Rev. Lauren Artress
Lauren Artress is a leading force in the labyrinth movement and author of Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice. The Chartres-style labyrinth is her heart song and she enjoys helping walkers learn to navigate their inner world. She is available for workshops and offers spiritual direction by phone, Skype or FaceTime. Lauren is the Founder of Veriditas, Inc. at

Robert Ferré
"I often sit on the prospective labyrinth site until I receive a clear feeling of where the labyrinth should be located, which I believe is a message from the completed labyrinth contacting me from the future."

    Peter Champoux
Peter has taken the art and science of geomancy to a planetary scale giving us a new world view made of ‘EarthRigs’; ferreting out patterns that define people, place, and purpose from individual, to city, bioregion and hemispheres; that help us nest as a world culture into the matrix of nature with very large scale co-created medicine wheels, lei lines, and latitudes with attitude.

 Kelley Hunter
Kelley is one of the best American astrologers I gnow. She and I organized an archaeoastrology camp at Goddard College in the early eighties that focused on the history of astrology.


  Sue Holmes & Patrick MacManaway
Patrick co-taught one of the Apprenticeship Programs for aspiring geomancers. Sue Holmes was one of these students. She writes, “When I moved to Vermont I thought I would be a “solo” seeker -witch- student--- And you were teaching a course in dowsing and we were off and running! So many years of work & learning together!”

David Brizendine
David trained with Sig Lonegren and is a
member of the Maple Dragon Clan. He
has been leading the Equinox and Cross
Quarter ceremonies and celebrations at the Burlington Earth Clock since 2006.

  The Burlington Earth Clock
The Burlington Earth Clock was conceived, designed and built by the following individuals: Ivan McBeth, Patrick MacManaway, Dana Matthews, David Brizendine, Paul Craven, Andrea Morgante, and Bill Gottesman, along with 100s of Volunteers and Contributors.

Reva Seybold
A student in my Vermont Apprenticeship Training in Vermont who built a labyrinth and stone ring at her home in Connecticut.  Pictured here at Merryvale Stone rows in Dartmoor, UK.

                      Hamish Miller (1927–2010)
Hamish was
one of Britain's best known, most highly respected and certainly best-loved dowsers, and author of a number of books associated with dowsing including his Sun and the Serpent, which he wrote with Paul Broadhurst.

Jack Roberts, Martin Brennan, Toby Hall
Martin Brennan’s book “The Boyne Valley Vision” was the result of an intensive exploration with Jack Roberts and Toby Hall of so called “passage graves” in Ireland which, until then, the archaeoastronomical aspects of these prehistoric chambers had not been taken seriously by the archaeological establishment.
{permission Anthony Murphy}

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                   Geomancy Group at West Kennet Long Barrow
As a result of a year-long geomancy Study Group that Patrick MacManaway and I taught in Chalice Well, when it end the students decided to continue their work by holding regular meetings all over the UK from Cornwall in the South-West to The Orkney Islands in the North. This professional group of geomancers has also included some new members who had not been in the original study group in Chalice Well.

Patrick MacManaway
I have Patrick’s photo in here several times because he taught both in the USA in our Apprecticeship Progran (in the early nineties) and over in Britain in our Geomancy School.  He travels between his home in Vermont, and does geomantic work in Austraia and in the UK.

  Grahame Gardner
Past President of the British Society of Dowsers, Grahame is a professional dowser and geomancer specialising in geopathic and technopathic remedial work and the creation of sacred spaces.  He is one of the most respected dowsers in the UK and internationally.
Twitter: @grumgeo

Richard Creightmore
Richard is a Druid, Feng Shui master, water diviner and acupuncturist, who specialises in practising and teaching medical geomancy and earth-acupuncture to heal landscape trauma and resolve geopathic and geopsychic stress.



Jewels Rocka

Jewels Rocka is a Feng Shui master, Astrologer and Counselor who specialises in practising and teaching client-focused Geomancy and Earth Psychology. Her passion lies in raising consciousness and assisting clients and students in finding connections between the earth, their environment, and their "Questing Soul".


   Kiarna Boyd
Works to reconnect with our ancestral and indigenous ways, one must strive for right relationship with the Land and all who dwell there.

Sara Greenwood
Sara learned to dowse as a teenager and honed her craft with training in earth energies, geomancy and a range of healing practices. Her professional practice involves dowsing for and treatment of geopathic stress, geopsychic stress and technopathic stress in homes and the wider environment. She works sympathetically with elemental energies to harmonise and balance living areas and landscapes. Sara chaired the Geomancy Group for 5 years between 2010-15.

     Susie Shaw 
been running my business for over 20 years now and still feels very excited about being able to heal houses, adding skills and learning each and every day.

 Branwen Edwards
Branwen is on the Professional Practitioners’ list where she lists dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress, and working with trapped spirits.


  John Moss
A Registered Tutor and Practitioner for The British Society of Dowsers who specialises in house clearing in West Cornwall, in resolving geopathic and technopathic stress problems, as well as advising on the creation of sacred spaces.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jill Moss
Jill runs Penwith Press (, a publishing business and on line store which promotes the work and preserves the legacies of well-respected dowsers and geomancers (a number of Geomancers I Have Gnown – including myself – have published books with Penwith Press). Jill also runs Trencrom Dowsers in west Cornwall; works with earth energies in the home and landscape and, living close to nature is inspired by its rhythm and balance.

    Fay Palmer
Fay Palmer is a practising professional dowser in the fields of health, geopathic stress, gardening and agriculture, together with equine health and performance. She is a British Society of Dowers Tutor and Practitioner and was awarded the BSD ‘Services to Dowsing and to the BSD’ in 2012.  She is also a member of The Geomancy Group.

Elizabeth Sulivan
Was a skilled dowser who owned Benton Castle near Milford Haven in Wales. British Society of Dowsers member, it took two men two years to build this Chartres type labyrinth, and Elizabeth dowsed the location of each stone.

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  Billy Gawn
Dowser from Northern Ireland, Billy was the head of the BSD Earth Energies Group. “Earth Energies are the energetic expression of creation and the evolu-tionary processes as they stand at the moment.”


Jack Roberts, Martin Brennan, Toby Hall
Martin Brennan’s book “The Boyne Valley Vision” was the result of an intensive exploration with Jack Roberts and Toby Hall of so called “passage graves” in Ireland which, until then, the archaeoastro-nomical aspects of these prehistoric chambers had not been taken seriously by the archaeological establishment.
  Photo by Anthony Murphy

     Anthony Murphy
As an author, researcher and photographer, I have been studying the Boyne Valley megalithic sites in the context of mythology, astronomy, alignments and their sacred aspects for about 20 years.

Tony Christie ­­
Healing the earth and its people through the labyrinth, light and love. or


  Robin Heath ­­
My work is based around the patterns made across landscapes that connect megalithic sites, or later sites known to have been built on megalithic remains. The location of these sites is used in order to identify and measure accurate geometrical patterns formed by these sites.

Centrum Athanor
Leo van Vugt & Joos Holster

Winter Solstice Sun Set

De Schaappshoeve

Jack Peters, Carin Wennink


Ruud Borman
I organize trips to sacred landscapes and write about sacred places and in that way I work with certain landscape-patterns.


    Jessica van Loon
is a Priestess of the Goddess and of Avalon and she works with the Magic of Nature in the tradition of Avalon and the Celtic Wheel.
On Facebook: <Jess Avalon>.


Bo Stjernström

Swedish repairer of old coastal labyrinths on the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

  Dan Mattsson
Dan looked at the geometry of Viking Ship Settings as well as the pictoglyphs/rock art.

Anundshög, Sweden
Using the model airplane (in the picture above) Dan Mattsson surveyed the stone vesicas found at the base of Anundshög (the base of this truncated mound is in the upper right-and corner of this picture).  This is the largest man-made mound in Sweden. Dan found that these are not vesica pisces; however, these viking "ship settings" fit exquisitely well into the geometry of the site.

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