Earth Symbols
Alex B. Champion, Ph. D., Owner

Alex Champion

An earth symbol is a large walkable earthwork, with Sunken paths and elevated earth mounds. The designs are based on the archetypal patterns of Nature, and laid out using principles of sacred geometry, and geomancy. It is an earth sculpture, and a unique garden, as well as a spiritual symbol. It can be used for a personal spiritual pilgrimage, group ceremonies or walks. Or it can be used as place where people can gather to walk, talk, or have fun. A labyrinth naturally creates a sense of community.

Alex Champion may be reached at his website Earth Symbols.

Another magical maze by Alex Champion. Even though this is not a labyrinth, it is definately magical, and, if you're following the flow, there is only one path, and magic will happen! Vesica
Alex's daughter Magical maze and labyrinth builder Alex Champion's daughter Becky walking in one of his garden mazes (14 by 20 feet) in the front yard of his old home in Albany, California.
Alex's new home in Mendocino County. Note the apparent alignment of 3 sites on the left side. The sites for the double spiral and the left-hand Cretan (not dug out) were dowsed. The third site with some mounds is a spot (divine yin/yang energy) that was dowsed, as well as the right-hand Cretan earth maze with Joan and Alex walking in it.
Alex did not notice the alignment until this aerial photo was taken.

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