Square Root of Two — 1.414 : 1 — the Square


The Square Side (AB)
= 1 Diagonal (AC)
= Sq Root of Two, 1.414


In sacred geometry, the square represents the physical world. It can be defined totally. If its side is one, its perimeter is exactly four, and its area is one square - exactly. The Square is yang.

The diagonal of a square whose side is 1 is √2, or 1.4142135624∞. This is what is called an "irrational number." While there are several ways to describe an irrational number, one definition is, "a decimal number that never ends, never repeats." Never ends? That takes it to infinity (∞) - into the spiritual. So while the square represents the physical, it has within it, a connection to the spiritual. All sacred geometrical figures have this connection.

The square was found was in the Holy of Holies (the back room) of Solomon's Temple (G,H,F,E). This was where the Hebrews kept the Ark of the Covenant and other most sacred treasures.

(The dimensions here are taken from the first part of the Ezekiel Chapter 41.)


    tor_air-w.jpg      On top of Glastonbury Tor sits an impressive stone tower. The Tor and its tower dominate the Somerset Levels.  Its visual impact shows that this is one of the major power centres in a place repleat with Earth Energies.

       St Michae's Tower, Glastonbury Tor   This is a view taken from inside the tower looking upward. It is a pefect square.  The Tor is dedicated to Archangel Michael.  One of his jobs is to ground spiritual energies.  This is often symbolically depicted as him spearing a dragon in to the Earth.

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