Our New Look

by Sig Lonegren,
MAG Webmaster

But first the old ...

As our first and somewhat worn old logo can show us, Mid-Atlantic Geomancy has its legs on both sides of the Big Pond. Webmaster Sig Lonegren got his Master's Degree in the study of Sacred Space in Vermont, but most of his literary resources came from Britain, where most Earth Mystery folk lived and worked in the nineteen-seventies. This site has always been dedicated to being open to all spiritual paths with heart, and has worked to find the things that we share in common and to celebrate them. If your religion doesn't ordain women, a paradigm that is out-with my understanding of the path of spiritual growth, there are still things that we do share in common. We seek to join these common ties and to build on them instead of what is happening in so many parts of our world today - divide and disintegrate.

In the late nineties, with the help of Heather Hoon, we developed a new symbol that visually portraid what we intended to achieve:

Our Second Shot

In setting up a saccred space, most cultures and their geomancers begin at the point of the One, then making a circle around it, and find the Four Directions. Once that's done, the equal-armed Celtic Cross speaks to both European Pagan and early Christian influences, and the red cross and cirle and feathers demonstrate the Native American influence on our thinking; however, these are meant to be symbolic of all Religions and Spiritual Paths.

Our New MAG Logo

Many different spiritual paths contributed to my growth in awareness when I lived in the United States; I began with Paramahansa Yogananda and then Christianity, it was the Native Americans, and in particular, Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Wolf Clan Mother of the Seneca, Haudenosaunee (Iriquois) Confederation, that influenced me most. Upon coming to Glastonbury, I have filled my soul with the beauty of early Christianity and also various pagan paths from the Norse and Celts to the Classical Greeks and Romans.

  One unintended additional symbol that fell out when working on the blue to Violet cord that marks the beginning of the necklace is that Hermes/Mercury showed himself. He is the one who brings us messages from the gods, and as such, a central character in all work done by geomancers - Diviners of the Earth.