Labyrinths magical single path right-brain/spiritual enhancers. They are a sub class of sacred space and a special one in that they give the seeker and idea of how they might use them. While they are found in many forms all over the world, they all have an obvious place to enter them called "the mouth," and give no other choice but to walk the circuits or paths to the goal, and then to turn around and walk out again.

Several Examples

Tohono weave

Man in the Maze Tohono O'odaham Arizona, USA


Swedish Fisherman's Labyrinth Walked for a good catch and a good wind

Here are two links made by my friend Michael Shaffer in 2003 of a talk I gave on Building Labyrinths. It will give you a good overview of the materials covered in this section:

          Part 1
          Part 2

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